Chapters | ചാപ്‌റ്റേഴ്‌സ് (2012)

U | Thriller | 7 December 2012 (India) | 1h:57m:51s


Mejjo Josseph .. Music

Etho Nira
MR Vibin .. Lyricist
Franco, Sithara Krishnakumar, Anna Katharina, Mejjo Josseph .. Singers
Sandya Sundara
Rafeeq Ahamed .. Lyricist
Pramod, Manjari .. Singer
MR Vibin .. Lyricist
Franco .. Singer

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Etho Nira Sandhyayil
Mejjo Josseph .. Music, Singer
MR Vibin .. Lyricist
Franco, Sithara Krishnakumar, Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy .. Singers

Sandhya Sundhara Lipiyi
Mejjo Josseph .. Music
Rafeeq Ahamed .. Lyricist
Pramod, Manjari .. Singer

Velli Chirakukal
Mejjo Josseph .. Music, Singer
MR Vibin .. Lyricist
Franco .. Singer


The film is narrated in a textbook format with every new link to the story is presented as a new chapter.

The first chapter talks about four friends, Krishna Kumar, Anwar, Joby, and Kannan, who are unemployed and in need of quick money. To make some money for Krishna Kumar's sister's wedding, they venture out for a risky adventure that will make them rich. It all works out well until the end when their plan goes all awry. 

In the second chapter, we see another group of six youngsters. Arun, Vinod aka Choonda, Kaanu, and Jincy is heading for a journey to a hill station, to register a marriage - that of Shyam and Priya. When the group returns to their car after stopping for a brief while, they find a dead body in it. The group disperses in panic.

The third chapter is about a long bus journey. Sethu, a middle-aged man, is on his way to the hospital, where his young son awaits a surgery and chemotherapy. Because he is carrying a huge sum of money for his young son's cancer treatment, Sethu is nervous and suspicious of his fellow passengers. Meanwhile, he strikes up a conversation with an old lady sitting next to him who reveals that she has a son who is in jail.

In the fourth and final chapter, we see an anxious lady, Annie waiting by her son's bedside in the hospital awaiting her husband's arrival. She is astonished when he arrives with the money but refrains from taxing him with further questions. She does manage to convince him however that the money that he has brought in should better be left where it truly belongs.

The final scenes explain how the different chapters are interlinked. Though some of the characters never meet, there is a link that connects them all.

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sreenivasan_imageSreenivasan as Sethu
NivinPauly_imageNivin Pauly as Krishna Kumar
VineethKumarOfficial_imageVineeth Kumar as Arun
HemanthMenonOfficial_imageHemanth Menon as Anwar
ActorRajithOfficial_imageRajith Menon as Syam
Vijeesh as Joby
AjuVargheseOfficial_imageAju Varghese as Kaanu
Darmajanbolgattyofficial_imageDharmajan Bolgatty as Kannan
ShineTomOfficial_imageShine Tom Chacko as Choonda
ActressLenaOfficial_imageLena as Annie
Gauthami Nair as Priya
kpaclalithaonline_imageKPAC Lalitha as Old Lady
Riya Saira as Jincy


Qurban Films .. Banner
Sunil Ibrahim .. Director, Writer
shafeer.sait.9_imageShafeer Sait .. Producer
krish_kymal_imageKrish Kymal .. Cinematography
getsaajan_imageV Saajan .. Editor
jothish.shankar_imageJothish Shankar .. Art Director
ranjith.ambady_imageRanjith Ambadi .. Makeup
Sameera.Official_imageSameera Saneesh .. Costumes
Mejjo Joseph .. Background Score
dixon.t.poduthas_imageDixon Poduthas .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
sinat.savier_imageSinat Savier .. Stills
panachevfx_imagePanache .. Designs
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