Perinoru Makan | പേരിനൊരു മകന്‍ (2012)

U | 2h:08m:32s

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Koovalapoo Kannale
Berny Ignatius .. Music
Santhosh Varma .. Lyricist
Sujatha Mohan .. Singer

Othiri Othiri
Berny Ignatius .. Music
Santhosh Varma .. Lyricist
Sudeep Kumar, Rimi Tomy .. Singers


Innocent is an extremely influential and big farmer in the village. He lost his wife just after her second delivery and he is left with a SON ( Murukan played by Guinness Pakru) and daughter (Satya Bhama played by Saranya Mohan). His sister gets divorced and she along with her children start staying with her brother (Innocent). Innocent's older brother nurtures a grudge against Innocent and tries all tricks to block the marriage of his daughter.
The story enters into a twist when a guy (Bhagath) comes to marry Satya Bhama. Problems start in the otherwise normal life of all characters.

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Video Copyright: Highness
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VCD Rs. 75/-



Jaas Saaj Productions .. Banner
Vinu Anand .. Director, Writer
Thambi Abraham .. Producer
Anand Balakrishnan .. Cinematography
ranjan.abraham.96_imageRanjan Abraham .. Editor
Cyril Kuruvilla .. Art Director
PN Mani .. Makeup
kumar.edapal.7_imageKumar Edappal .. Costumes
bijibal.maniyil_imageBijibal .. Background Score
Eldho Selvaraj .. Production Controller
mafiya.sasi_imageMafia Sasi .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Joseasdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
momi_imageMomi (M K Mohanan) .. Stills
jissen.paul_imageJissen Paul .. Designs

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