Onnumariyathe | ഒന്നുമറിയാതെ (2018)

U | 29 June 2018 (India) | 1h:55m:55s

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Neram Mangaray
Ramavarma Kilimanoor .. Music, Singer
Rafeeq Ahamed .. Lyricist


A middle-class family in a village growing into a town. Suku is the Family head. His wife is an extravagant Snobbish Lady. They have two children, a girl of 13 years and a 7-year-old boy. Suku earns his living by electrical plumbing work. He struggles much to find income for day-to-day living and goes through much mental agony to fill his purse. Jaleel and Sivan, two of his friends help him to a certain extent in his struggle. He faces family problems due to his migrant laborer Ganeshan, as Suku was not able to understand Ganeshan’s intentions. Unexpectedly Suku becomes ill and requires an operation. But his wife does not understand his problem or his hard work to up bring the family.
She is only concerned about the money in his purse.


Ansar Ummer Hatha
Madhurima Saji
Aneesh Anand
Anil Bhaskar
Sajith Kannan
Raji Varghese
Anil Rangaprabath
Master Aryan


7Day Media .. Banner
Sajeev Vyasa .. Director, Cinematography
Ansar UH .. Producer
SK Vilwan .. Writer
* ..
Vimal Kumar V .. Editor
Vinod Vijay .. Art Director
Roy Pallissery, Dharman Pambadi .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
Ramavarma Kilimanoor .. Background Score
Hari Venjaramoodu .. Production Controller
* .. Action
Ajay Thundathil .. Pro
Riju Shivaylayam .. Stills
7Day Media .. Designs

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