Papilio Buddha | പാപ്പിലിയോ ബുദ്ധ (2013)

15 March 2013 | 1h:48m:17s


Movie explores the life of a group of displaced Dalits in the Western Ghats of India and probes the new identity politics based on Ambedkarism, gaining momentum among the Dalits in the region, in the milieu of an ongoing land struggle. A band of displaced untouchables in Western Ghats of India embrace Buddhism in order to escape from caste oppression. The on-screen happenings are from the perspective of a youth Sankaran, a Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) dropout, whose insecurity and reticence are in stark contrast to the deep-rooted faith and conviction of his father Kandal Kariyan.

Film brings into focus, an example of the epic land struggles, which was fought in various regions of the state and across India, and the oppression of indigenous people by the powerful political and social establishments.

Silicon Media | MIS
DVD Rs. 150/-


kallen_pokkudan_imageKallen Pokudan as Kandal Kariyan
saritha_imageSaritha as Manjusree
spsreekumarofficial_imageSP Sreekumar as Sankaran
david_briggs_imageDavid Briggs as Jack
padmapriya_imagePadmapriya as Collector
prakash.bare_imagePrakash Bare as SP
thampy.antony_imageThampy Antony as Ramdasji


simedia.in_imageSilicon Mediakayalfilms_imageKayal Films .. Banner
jayan_cherian_imageJayan Cherian .. Diector, Writer
prakash.bare_imagePrakash Barethampy.antony_imageThampy Antony .. Producers
mj_radhakrishnan_imageMJ Radhakrishnan .. Cinematography
sujoy_joseph_imageSujoy Joseph .. Editor
manuperunna_imageManu Perunna .. Art Director
jayachandran_p_imageJayachandran P .. Makeup
sukesh.thanoor_imageSukesh Thanoor .. Costumes
sunilkumar_pk_imageSunilkumar PK .. Background Score
hari.venjaaramood_imageHari Venjarmoodu .. Production Controller
Jayan Trikaripur .. Stills
Think In Wild Studios .. Designs
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