Pixelia | പിക്സിലിയ

Fantasy, Drama | 1h:10m:48s


Kumar, a single guy in his thirties leaves his corporate activity in Kochi to turn into a graphic novelist. He sets out on another life as a Uber driver in Kochi while taking a shot at his realistic novel titled 'Pixelia'. One day a transgender named Mandakini gets into his taxi and that day changes Kumar's life until the end of time. Kumar and Mandakini spend the entire day where they open each other's personalities. Mandakini shares her previous existence and her craving to embrace a tyke while Kumar portrays the tale of his realistic novel to her. Bit by bit a holding follows among Kumar and Mandakini making Kumar acknowledge about his strange personality.
As they begin a relationship, Kumar gets into more profound clashes with respect to receiving a kid, as reception by strange guardians is reasonably troublesome in a nation like India.


Sanal Aman as Kumar / Mr. K
Gowri Savithri as Mandakini / Mallika
vijay_menon_imageVijay Menon as Mr. J
Afeeda KT as Beautician
Vedh Vibes as Jith
Jayaraj Nair as CI Siva
Abdul Kalam Azad as Sufi Passenger
Aiswarya Nath as Butterfly
Rashmi Jayagopal as Yakshi
Anagha Prasad as Skipping Girl


RK Entertainments, DocArt Productions .. Banner
Ratheesh Ravindran .. Director, Writer
Ranjit Karunakaran .. Producer
Sharmila Nair .. Producer, Costumes
Sakyadeb Chowdhury .. Cinematography
kirandasmr_imageKirandas, Rumjhum Banerjee .. Editor
Sreejith S Dev .. Art Director
mitta.antonymx_imageMitta Antony .. Makeup
Anoop Narayanan .. Background Score
Vinu Kolichal .. Production Controller
Vishnu Padikkaparambil .. Stills
pavisankar_imagePavi Sankar .. Designs

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