Idam | ഇടം: Abode

Idam Malayalam movie,

24 August 2020
Idam Malayalam movie directed by Jaya Jose Raj. Features Seema Biswas as the lead character after 'Shantham' and 'Balyakalasakhi' with Hareesh Peradi and Anil Nedumangad.

Idam movie was released on August 24th of 2020. The digital streaming from 30th July 2021, by Ekam ott.


50th Kerala State Film Awards

Best Cinematography


Bhanu is a 70-year-old woman living alone in the genealogical house abandoned by her significant other who spent away 25 years back. Trees in her environmental factors and the pet mother goat and its light are her companions. Aside from Nani, another older woman living close by, Bhanu scarcely has any guests. She has two children, Radhakrishnan and Jayakrishnan. Jayakrishnan went out not long after his dad kicked the bucket. Radhakrishnan ventured out from home not long after his union with a woman from the city.

Idam Malayalam movie,


Seema Biswas
hareesh.peradi.98_imageHareesh Peradi
anil.p.alasan_imageAnil Nedumangad
Leela Panicker
abhija_sivakala_imageAbhija Sivakala
Arumugam Alappuzha
Monisha Sagar
Master Joel
Nidhi R Raj


Bodhi Academy .. Banner
Jaya Jose Raj .. Director, Producer, Writer
Prathap P Nair .. Cinematography
manoj.kannoth_imageManoj Kannoth .. Editor
Firoz Nediyath, Kiran S Manjady .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
dawn_vincent_imageDawn Vincent, subramanian_k_v_imageSubramanian K Vaidyalingan .. Background Score
Jayesh LR .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs
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