Ikkaakka | ഇക്കാക്ക (2022)

Ikkaakka Malayalam movie mallurelease

Saju Navodaya's Ikkaakka Malayalam movie is a different story than ever before of family and friends

Ikkaakka Malayalam movie mallurelease

3 May 2022 (OTT)
Ikkaakka Malayalam - Tamil bilingual family action thriller movie written and directed by Sainu Chavakkadan. Features Pradeep Babu, Saju Navodaya (Pashanam Shaji), and Shivaji Guruvayoor as the lead characters. The Ikkaakka movie is produced under the banner of High Hopes Film Factory and the executive producers are Big Show Media and Asha K Nair, co-produced by High Seas International. The movie also stars Amur Anand, Sikh Sajeevan Sharif, CKDN, Rashin Khan, Akbar Shah, Ashwathi, Heera Thulasi, Asha K Nair, Alina Rajan, and Kalabhavan Nandana in the lead roles. The story and screenplay of the film Ikkaakka are written by Valsalakumari T Charummoodu. The chief associate director of the movie is Praveen Nair and the associate is Salesh Shankar Engandiyoor.

The movie Ikkaakka tells the story of a heart-to-heart relationship between five friends. Director Sainu Chavakkadan claims that it will be a great visual experience when Pashanam Shaji arrives as a strong character named Umesh.

Ikkaakka movie has a very different story in this age where Malayalees are used to seeing different types of stories. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, and the background music and the camera are just as beautiful as the film itself.

The songs of the movie 'Ikkaakka' are composed by Bimal Pankaj and Pradeep Babu with lyrics by Santhosh Varma, Francis Jijo, and Appu Vypin. The highlight of the movie is the love song sung by Nithya Mammen, who won the state award in 2021. The movie also features a fast song by Pashanam Shaji. "Anthivanil" song from the movie was released on New Year's Day, 1st January 2021. The song is composed by Pradeep Babu with lyrics by Santosh Varma and sung beautifully by Nithya Mammen. Orchestration by Yasir Ashraf and Mix and Master by Francis Sabu.

Ikkaakka movie was released worldwide by BRS Creations on May 3rd of 2022 as an OTT release through Mainstream OTT and is expected to hit the screens within hours.

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Vaadamalli Poove
Pradeep Baabu .. Music
Appu Vypin .. Lyricist
Saju Navodaya .. Singer

Bimal Pankaj .. Music, Singer
Francis Jijo .. Lyricist
Gaayathri Menon, Shilpa Venugopal, Lovly, Geethu, Mariya .. Singers

Pradeep Baabu .. Music
Santhosh Varma .. Lyricist
Nithya Mammen .. Singer

Vaadamalli Poove
Pradeep Baabu .. Music, Singer
Appu Vypin .. Lyricist

Ikkaakka Malayalam movie mallurelease

Ikkaakka Malayalam movie mallurelease Ikkaakka Malayalam movie mallurelease

Ikkaakka Malayalam movie mallurelease


Pradeep Baabu
PaashanamShajiOfficial_imageSaju Navodaya
Shivaji Guruvayoor
Amur Anand
Sikh Sajeevan
Rashin Khan
Akbar Shah
Heera Thulasi
Asha K Nair
Alina Rajan
Kalabhavan Nandana


High Hopes Film Factory .. Banner, Producer
Sainu Chavakkadan .. Director, Writer
Tony Lloyd Aruja, Jijo Bhavachithra .. Cinematography
Vaishakh Rajan .. Editor
Shareef Ckdn .. Art Director
Babu Lal Kodungallur .. Makeup
Bindhu NK Payyannur .. Costumes
PB .. Background Score
Prakash Thiruvalla .. Production Controller
* .. Action
siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad .. Pro
Eye Idea Prasanth .. Stills
High Hopes Designs .. Designs


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