Martin | മാർട്ടിൻ

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Martin Malayalam movie directed by Benny Thomass with the screenplay of Shiva Murali. Features Benny Thomass and Aathira Lakshman in the lead with Salikumar, Major Ravi, Santosh Keezhatoor, Sreejith Ravi, Biju Kuttan, Beju Ezhupunna, Ajaz, Manju Pathrose. Produced by Rinny Antony.

Joseph's voice was against injustice. So while working for the truth, Joseph became bad to some. They all together called him a goonda. Joseph is killed by SI in a special situation. Unable to bear the anger and grief, Joseph's thirteen-year-old son, Martin, kills the SI, and Martin is promoted to his father's position as a goonda. The film depicts the life of Martin and the events that took place in the village of Champakkara.


Benny Thomass as Martin
SalimKumarOfficialPage_imageSalim Kumar
blackcatravi_imageMajor Ravi
sreejith_ravi_imageSreejith Ravi
Santhoshkeezhattoorofficial_imageSanthosh Keezhattoor
ActorBijuKuttanOfficial_imageBiju Kuttan
Ajaz Kollam
baiju.johnson.1_imageBaiju Johnson (Baiju Ezhupuna)
Aathira Lakshman
manju.pathrose.9_imageManju Pathrose
Lakshmi Priya


Richa Creations .. Banner
Benny Thomass .. Director
Renny Antony .. Producer
Sivamurali .. Writer
Sali Moidheen .. Cinematography
noufalhaze_imageNoufal Abdullah .. Editor
Lenin .. Art Director
Anees Cherpulassery, Pradeep Tirur .. Makeup
siji.nobel_imageSiji Thomas, Chandran Cheruvannur .. Costumes
Afzal Yusuf .. Background Score
Joby Antony .. Production Controller
Anil, asharaf.gurukkal_imageAsharaf Gurukkal, Kokun Saha .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Sabu Perumbavoor .. Stills
Midhun C George .. Designs

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