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irukalikoodu malayalam short film, mallurelease

The Curtain Raiser's Irukalikkoot

irukalikoodu malayalam short film, mallurelease

Rahim Panavoor, PRO
Irukalikoodu is a short film by Curtain Raiser that always focuses on modernity and innovation. The film is a sequel to the famous American playwright Edward Albie's Zoo Story. Wouldn't modern man, who builds walls around himself and distances himself from others, be like the animals in the zoo when he is anxious to stay away from other human problems? "If we can not communicate with humans, do not communicate with anything? If nothing, with a dog ...?" Asks the character Jerry in a two-legged cage.

The plot unfolds through just two characters. Satish P Kurup, the driver of Curtain Riser, plays the role of Jerry. Rajeev Tulsidharan, an early activist with Satheesh, also played the role of Peter in the film. The video is based on the play and is directed by Satish P Kurup, who has won many awards for his short films.

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