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others malayalam movie, mallurelease

Others Malayalam movie is about the unexpected events of a night

others malayalam movie, mallurelease

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Others Malayalam movie is written and directed by actor and model Srikanth Sreedharan. Features Anil Anto, Riya Isha, Nisha Mathew, Kesia, RJ Raghu, Gopu Padaveedan, and Anand Bal, along with Former Kozhikode Collector Prashant "Collector Bro" and five transgender people playing the lead roles. The movie is produced by Dr. Manoj Govindan, who has produced over six films, including Jayaraj's Aval under the banner of Widescreen and Ramasamy Narayanaswamy is the executive producer.

The movie gives the audience a shocking experience, with the uncertainty of an unexpected nightmare and the subsequent developments. The film 'Others' raises a number of questions and answers to our still-sleeping society against the transgender community. The film tells the politics of a powerful transgender community that has never been seen in Malayalam cinema before.

Anil Anto made his acting debut through the movies Second Show and Immanuel. He played the lead role in 2022 movies RJ Madonna and Pappa.

Others movie preparing for release.


Akshay Menon, a young doctor who lives a life of upper-class capitalism and orthodoxy, and the events that take place quite coincidentally and the society in which he can be a part of it. Akshay is a prominent doctor at the city's multi-specialty hospital. Akshay, who studied to be a doctor, and Pooja, who studied nursing, got married after a long love affair. Akshay Menon, who is just an MBBS student, sends his wife Pooja abroad for a nursing job for his further study purposes. After completing his higher degree studies, Dr. Akshay Menon became a well-known doctor in the city. Akshay's dissatisfied with his wife's job in nursing, he tells his wife to quit her job and come home. But this was never acceptable to Pooja, who wanted to stand on his own two feet. She asked Akshay to go abroad with her. Akshay repeats his request to his wife who is on vacation in the country. This led to disputes between them. Despite all this, Pooja decided to go abroad again. After reluctantly leaving his wife at the airport, Akshay returns to his flat to find a beautiful woman standing in the dark of night. When he sees the lonely girl, the lustful thought of domination springs up on the axis, and the cart approaches the young woman, inquiring which way to go, and saying that this place is not safe at night. He's not the way she should be going, but he's lying that he's the way he is and gets her in his car. Their night journey begins. Dr. Akshay Menon did not know when the journey began that the hunk of money and influence, the days of collapsing like a glass palace, were coming!


Anil Anto
Riya Isha
Nishaa Mathew
RJ Raghu
Gopu Padaveedan
Anand Bal
Prasanth Nair IAS


Widescreen .. Banner
Srikanth Sreedharan .. Director, Writer
Dr. Manoj Govindan .. Producer
Vipin Chandran .. Cinematography
Nobin Thomas .. Editor
Jayan Kottakkal .. Art Director
Sonia Antony .. Makeup
bucy.baby.john_imageBucy Baby John, Prasad Anakkara .. Costumes
Nikhil Rajan .. Background Score
Roji P Kurian .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Rohith Krishnan .. Stills
Salads .. Designs

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