Antappan Weds Ancy | ആന്റപ്പൻ വെഡ്സ് ആൻസി

antappan weds ancy malayalam movie mallurelease

Sreenath Bhasi and Arjun Ashokan joining for Antappan weds Ancy Malayalam movie

antappan weds ancy malayalam movie mallurelease

Title Poster
Antappan Weds Ancy Malayalam movie is directed by Sanoop Thykoodam after Sumesh and Ramesh. Features Sreenath Bhasi and Arjun Ashokan in Antappan weds Ancy as the lead characters. The movie Antappan Weds Ancy is produced by G Marthandan, Ajai Vasudev, and M Sreeraj AKD under the banner of Elements of Cinema Entertainments and the co-producers are Joseph CV Nariparamb and Sajid Babu Pandikad. The screenplay for the film Antappan Weds Ancy is written by Joseph Vijeesh and director Sanoop Thykoodam jointly.

The title poster of the movie Antappan weds Ancy was unveiled by Megastar Mammootty on 29th May 2022 through his official Facebook page.



Elements of Cinema .. Banner
Sanoop Thykoodam .. Director, Writer
marthandang.gopalannair_imageG Marthandan, AjaiVasudevOfficial_imageAjai Vasudev, M Sreeraj AKD .. Producers
Joseph Vijeesh .. Writer
* .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
* .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
* .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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