Binary | ബൈനറി (2023)

binary malayalam movie mallurelease

The triumph of "Binary" is yet another achievement for Kozhikode-born actor Rajesh Mallarkandy

'Binary', which tells the story of cybercrime released

binary malayalam movie mallurelease

26 May 2023
Binary Malayalam cybercrime movie is directed by Dr. Jasik Ali. Features Joy Mathew, Sijoy Varghese, Kailash, Mamukkoya, Aneesh Ravi, Aneesh G Menon, Navas Vallikkunnu, Levin, Nirmal Palazhi, Koottickal Jayachandran, Kiran Raj, Rajesh Mallarkandi, KP Suresh Kumar, Pranav Mohan, Johar Kanesh, Sethu Lakshmi and Keerthy Achari are playing the lead roles. The movie Binary is produced by Rajesh Babu K Sooranad and Miraj Muhammed under the banner of VOC Media. The screenplay for the film Binary is written by Jyothish Narayan and Binoy PM with the dialogues of Reghu Chaliyar.

The Dop is Sajeesh Raj and the editor is Amrith Lucca. The second scheduled cinematographer is Hussain Abdul Shukkoor and the creative director's 2nd schedule is Krishnajith S Vijayan. The Chief Associate Director of Binary is Sachi Unnikrishnan.

A native of Edakkad in Kozhikode, Rajesh Mallarkandi too began his career in Malayalam cinema. Rajesh Mallarkandy, who had a significant role in the recently released movie "Binary" was also made aware of the movie. The performance enhanced Deepak's role as Crime Branch CI. The actor was given a substantial role in the original movie. He led the inquiry, filled the screen with the leading men, and emerged as a character towards the end of the movie. Rajesh Mallarkandi has demonstrated his fighting prowess.

rajesh mallarkandy actor mallurelease

The persona that is known for branding things in the sector that they work in. This is how the trip goes: columnist, vlogger, environmentalist, charity campaigner, wildlife photographer, architect designer, dubbing artist. He established himself in the meantime as a producer, cameraman, storyteller, and writer of short films.

rajesh mallarkandy actor mallurelease

The 2022 KP Ummer Award and the 2023 Jayadeepam Prize have both been given to Rajesh Mallarkandi, who is also a skilled organizer. In the soon-to-be-released film "Zha," the actor will only appear in one scene. In a brand-new film with no title yet, Rajesh Mallarkandy is getting ready to perform a commendable role. Rajesh expressed his happiness at getting a role in the movie. A new opportunity is what the actor is waiting for.

The electronic world of today is a vast network made up of thousands of linkages. Many people in our community fall victim to that net and are unable to free themselves. Police and the judicial system are powerless to change it. The stories of the cyber era, which has engulfed the world, are the subject of Binary's plot. The songs that have become superhits are also new in the film.

binary malayalam movie mallurelease

People's personal lives and national security are frequently entangled in the web of cyber criminals. Even locating such criminals is exceptionally challenging. Thus, Binary is a movie that explores new life settings to convey the tale of the cyber world. The story of Binary takes audiences on a harrowing journey through the world of cyber criminals who defy the legal and judicial systems. Today's cyber world is a huge web woven with thousands of eyes. There are so many people around us who are trapped in that trap and can't escape. Neither the legal system nor the police can do anything about it. Thus, the story of binary is the hitherto unknown and untold story of the cyber age that gripped the world.

The innovative posters of the film were released by the activists through the Facebook page of prominent Malayalam celebrities.

On social media, the song sung by singer Ranjini Jose from the Malayalam film "Binary" is trending. Within a week of its release, the song had more than five lakh listeners. PC Muraleedhran's "Aakasham Pookkunnu Megha Poonthoppaayi", which was orchestrated by Rajesh Babu K Sooranad, features Ranjini Jose and a new vocalist named Anas Shajahan. Social media is already flooded with the Haricharan-sung song "Poroo Mazhameghame" from the movie Binary. The dance choreographer of the film is Jobin Master.

binary malayalam movie mallurelease

Binary, the very innovative film that comes with the story of cybercrime scenes was released in theaters on May 26th of 2023.


Lyric Video

Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
Sajitha Muraleedharan .. Lyricist
Ajmal Basheer .. Singer

Poroo Mazhameghame
Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
PK Gopi .. Lyricist
Haricharan, Pooja Santhosh .. Singers

Video Jukebox

Swapnangal Chiraku Virichu
Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
Naju Leeladhar .. Lyricist
Anwar Saduth, Ranjini Jose .. Singers

Enthellam Mohangal
Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
Adv. Sreeranjini .. Lyricist
Ajmal Basheer .. Singer

Ala Pole
MK Arjunan .. Music
PK Gopi .. Lyricist
PK Sunil Kumar .. Singer

Aakasham Pookkunnu
Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
PC Muraleedhran .. Lyricist
Ranjini Jose, Anas Shajahan .. Singers

binary malayalam movie mallurelease

binary malayalam movie mallurelease

binary malayalam movie mallurelease
binary malayalam movie mallurelease binary malayalam movie mallurelease
binary malayalam movie mallurelease

binary malayalam movie mallurelease



VOC Media .. Banner
Jasik Ali .. Director
Miraj Mohammad, Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Producers
Jyothish Narayan, Binoy P M .. Writers
Sajeesh Raj .. Cinematography
Amrith Lucca .. Editor
* .. Art Director
Anoop Sabu .. Makeup
Murukan .. Costumes
Rajesh Babu K .. Background Score
Gijesh Nellikkunnummel .. Production Controller
Rajesh Brucelee .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
Ragesh Cheliya .. Stills
Manoj Design .. Designs

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