Onnu | ഒന്ന് (2022)

onnu malayalam movie mallurelease

Onnu movie directed by a female director and producer

onnu malayalam movie mallurelease

3 June 2022
Onnu is a Malayalam movie directed by Anupama Menon. Features Jojan Kanjani, Sajeev Madhav, Rathikumar TR, Gireesh Perinchery, Kalyani, Nimisha, Ajeesh Sukumaran, Sailu Chappy, Isahak Kalikavu, Sandraorasad, Aishwarya Praveen, Rajesh, Jobin Jose, Shakir, Sheikh Fabin, Aman, and Jaysar Xavier. The movie Onnu is produced by Himi KG under the banner of Kerala Visual Sign. The story of Kapil is scripted by Gopu Param Sivan.

Onnu tells the life story of a teacher who has officially retired from thirty-two years of teaching service. Neelajjanan, a teacher who is frustrated that he can no longer do anything, realizes that the next life is meant to be enjoyed, inspired by like-minded friends George and Anil. For that Neelajjanan, George, and Anilan set out on a journey with precise planning and they arrived at another friend's luxury resort. From then on, they started a life of beating and falling. At the end of the celebration, a brutal murder took place that shocked everyone. A subsequent detailed investigation by the police revealed a series of shocking incidents.

Rathi Kumar as Neelajjanan, the teacher himself, famous actor Jojan Kanjani as George, and leading producer Sajeev Madhav plays Anil.

Onnu movie with different stories and presentations will appeal to all types of audiences.

Onnu is the debut movie of women director Anupama Menon and producer Himi KG. These women are going to make a place in the minds of the audience through the movie Onnnu, which tells the eventful story of a teacher.

The songs are by Zulfik, Shibu Antony, Prince Manjaly, Amaldev, Dakshina Biju, Nizam Ali, Praseetha Manoj. The music is composed by Shibu Antony and Noufal Nasser, and the lyrics of the movie Onnu are penned by Sankaran Thirumeni, Firoz Veliyancode, Rathikumar TR, Akbar Kunjimon. The songs are choreographed by Jibin Paithrukam.

Onnu movie was released in theatres on June 3rd of 2022.

Lyric Video

Boom Bam Boom
Noufal Nazar .. Music
Akbar Kunjumon .. Lyricist
Sulfiq L .. Singer

Shibu Antony .. Music
Sankeran Thirumeni .. Lyricist
Dhakshina Biju .. Singer

Video Jukebox

Arike Varumo
Noufal Nazar .. Music
Firos Veliyancode .. Lyricist
Nizam Ali, Praseetha Manoj .. Singers

onnu malayalam movie mallurelease


Jojan Kanjani
Sajeev Madhav
Rathikumar TR
Gireesh Perinchery
Ajeesh Sukumaran
Sailu Chappy
Isahak Kalikavu
Aishwarya Praveen
Jobin Jose
Sheikh Fabin
Jaysar Xavier


Kerala Visual Sign .. Banner
Anupama Menon .. Director
Himi KG .. Producer
Gopu Param Sivan .. Writer
Shaji Anakkara .. Cinematography
Jayachandra Krishna .. Editor
Kishore Kumar .. Art Director
Mary Thomas .. Makeup
Kerala Visual Sign .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Santosh Alencherry .. Production Controller
Jojan Kanjani .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Anu Cam Eye .. Stills
* .. Designs


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