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Ganesh Raj's Pookkaalam Malayalam movie

Pookkaalam is getting ready

pookkaalam malayalam movie, ganesh raj next movie, ganesh raj malayalam director, ganesh raj movies, mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Pookkaalam Malayalam movie is written and directed by Ganesh Raj after the super hit 'Aanandam'. Features Vijayaraghavan and KPAC Leela in the Pookalam movie with Basil Joseph, and Vineeth Sreenivasan. Johnny Antony, Arun Kurian, Annu Antony, Roshan Mathew, Abu Salim, Suhasini Maniratnam, Sarath Sabha, Arun Ajikumar, Radha Gomati, Ganga Meera, Aristo Suresh (V Suresh Thampanoor), and Sarasa Balusserry are other prominent actors. Newcomers Kavya Das, Navya Das, Amal Raj, and Kamal Raj are also in the cast of the Pookkaalam movie. The film Pookalam is produced by Vinod Shornur under the banner of CNC Cinemas in association with Thomas Thiruvalla's Thomas Thiruvalla Films.

The cinematography of the film Pookkaalam is done by Anend C Chandran and Midhun Murali is the editor. Ranjini Haridas, Harish Pengan, Shebin Benson, Ashwini Khale, Gilu Joseph, Niranam Rajan, Kanakalatha, Astle, Adheena Benny, Nandini Gopalakrishnan, Honey Rose, Haritha Menon, Kochu Preman, Noila Francy, Mahima Radhakrishna, Sreeraj, Adithya Mohan, and Jordy Poonjar are the supporting cast in Pookkaalam.

Colors of joy are constantly present during the Pookkaalam. In the film Pookkaalam, Ganesh Raj tells the tale of a century-old marriage. The story centres on the life of Itoop and Kochu Thresiamma, a family living in a region where crops are grown. The Itoop-Kochu Thresiamma duo is portrayed by Vijayaraghavan and KPAC Leela. Ganesh Raj claimed that applying the makeup for a man who was 100 years old took a lot of time. The youngest daughter of a four-generational family, Etsy, gives her permission for the plot to develop. This movie is about an event that occurs on that day and the activities that surround it. This incident alters this family significantly and brings up a lot of realisations.

KPAC Leela was once a superstar in the theater industry. Leela is coming back after fifty years. After 50 years, Jayaraj made a comeback in the film Raudram. She was also selected as the best actress for her performance in Raudram.
Annu Antony plays the role of Etsy. Annu Antony is the actress who played the role of Maya in the hit movie Hridiya.
Sushil - who plays Etsy's future groom Arun Kurian. Abu Salim plays a completely different character in this film. Abu Salim plays the role of Etsy's father. It is also a full-length comedy character. Suhasini also plays a very important role. Vineeth Sreenivasan, Basil Joseph, Jagadish, Johny Antony, Radha Gomati, Ganga Meera, and more actors also appear in the movie.

In the movie Aanandam, the intriguing aspects of university life are depicted by Ganesh Raj, a new director. By serving as Vineeth Srinivasan's co-director, Ganesh entered the industry. After Aanandam, there was a nice break. The Pookkaalam is being prepared by breaking that gap.

The first look poster of the movie Pookkaalam is unveiled on 17th June 2022. The official poster of the film "Pookalam" written and directed by Ganesh Raj has been released on 5th March 2023.

The music and background score for the film Pookkaalam is composed by Sachin Warrier which were written by Vinayak Sasikumar, Rafeeq Ahamed, and Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri.

Pookkaalam movie will premiere on April 8th of 2023, distributed by CNC Cinemas. This movie's production, which was overseen by Vinod Shornur and Thomas Thiruvalla under the names CNC Cinemas and Thomas Thiruvalla Productions, is almost done.

Lyric Video

Manasilum Pookkaalam
Sachin Warrier .. Music, Singer
Kaithapram .. Lyricist

pookalam movie songs, pookkalam malayalam movie, mallurelease
pookalam movie songs, pookkalam malayalam movie, mallurelease


KPAC Leela
baaasi_imageBasil Joseph
official.vineethsreenivasan_imageVineeth Sreenivasan
Actorabusalim_imageAbu Salim
directorjohnyantony_imageJohny Antony
annu.marattukalam_imageAnnu Antony
mathewroshan22_imageRoshan Mathew
sarasa_balussery_imageSarasa Balussery
arun.a.kurian_imageArun Kurian
Ganga Meera
Radha Gomati
Arun Ajikumar
Aristo Suresh
Kavya Das
Navya Das
Amal Raj
Kamal Raj


CNC Cinemaas, Thomas Thiruvalla Films .. Banner
Ganesh Raj .. Director, Writer
vinod_shornur_imageVinod Shornur, Thomas Thiruvalla .. Producer
Anend.C.Chandran_imageAnend C Chandran .. Cinematography
Midhun Murali .. Editor
Sooraj Kuravilangad .. Art Director
ronex_xavior_imageRonex Xavier .. Makeup
Rafi Kannadiparamba .. Costumes
Sachin Warrier .. Background Score
javed.chempu.7_imageJaved Chempu .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
sinat.savier_imageSinat Savier, Nath Calicut .. Stills
Arun Thettayil .. Designs
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