Dulquer Salmaan with world's first finger exercise campaign

dulquer salmaan family mallurelease

Dulquer Salmaan with the world's first finger exercise campaign for brain stimulation

Sunny Wayne officiated the campaign

dulquer salmaan family mallurelease

Pratheesh Sekhar (PRO)
Dulquer Salmaan Family (DQF) is a Community for Happiness launched by Pan Indian Superstar Dulquer Salmaan-owned Wayfarer Films to enable artists to showcase their artistry. As part of DQF's activities, a program has been launched to train special school teachers in Kerala on an exercise called finger dance developed by a person named Imtiaz for differently-abled children across Kerala. This exercise makes a big difference in the intellectual development of differently-abled children. Actor Sunny Wayne inaugurated the Brain Stimulation by Finger Exercise, Kerala Camp at the IAN - Institute of Rehabilitation and Research, Thrissur. Actors Gayathri Suresh, Bitto Davis, and others also attended the function. Bibin Perumbilli is the Chief of Operation of this program which is provided by Imtiaz Training. Director Tom Emmatty is the creative director. Doctors Ciju Ravindranath and Sumesh TP are carrying out the scientific research and coordination of this program.
dulquer salmaan family mallurelease

Differently abled children are unable to stay in one place as compared to other children. It has already been proven that finger therapy can help such children stimulate their brains and gain more concentration and focus. Developed by Imtiaz Abubakar, a member of the Dulquer Salmaan family, DQF's efforts are to develop this therapy not only in Kerala but at the national and international levels. Imtiaz Abubakar is the holder of three world records, one Asian record, and seven national-level records. DQF Program Coordinators are Sujay James, Vijith Viswanathan, Media Marketing Anoop Sundaran, and PRO Pratheesh Sekhar.

dulquer salmaan family mallurelease dulquer salmaan family mallurelease

Sunny Wayne, Sania Iyyappan, Blesley, Vini Vishwa Lal, Sohan Seenulal, Nithya Mammen, Rajesh Keshav, Badusha, etc. are members of the DQF community. Membership is given to only ten thousand artists. The Puli Kali artists of Ayyanthole land, which has been neglected for almost two hundred years, were made a part of the community yesterday by giving them golden membership. The community also released a hand gesture for Dulquer. Dulquer Salmaan is the first actor in India to own such a hand gesture. As part of the Dulquer Salmaan family, it has been decided to start laughing at audiences all over Kerala. It is meant to be a platform to relax and unwind away from the world of the internet and busy work. Apart from this, the community also gives importance to charity activities. Performing artistically and making people laugh are criteria for membership in the community. Membership is for artists only.

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