Pendulum | പെൻഡുലം (2023)

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Vijay Babu's Pendulum Malayalam movie directed by Rejin S Babu

"Pendulum" on June 16

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16 June 2023
Pendulum Malayalam movie is directed by newcomer Rejin S Babu. Features Vijay Babu, Indrans, and Anu Mol in Pendulum as the lead characters. The movie Pendulum is produced by Danish KA, Lisha Joseph, Binoj Villya, Mithun's Money Market under the banners of Lights On Cinemas and and Bat Bros International. The screenplay for the film Pendulum is written by the director Rejin S Babu himself. Ramesh Pisharody, Sunil Sukhada, Shobhi Thilakan, and Devaki Rajendran are other prominent actors.

The cinematography of the film Pendulum is done by Arun Damodaran and editing by Sooraj ES. The creative director of the film Pendulum is Jithin S Babu and the associate director is Abru Simon. Akhil Erakkil is the co-producer and the executive producers are Arun Prasad AP and Biju Alex with the line producers Paul George, Jees Lazar, and Sreehari K Marar.

The first look poster of the movie Pendulum was unveiled on 1st September 2022 through the Facebook page of prominent Malayalam stars. Actor Vijay Babu can be seen in the first look poster looking stylish sitting under a large pendulum.

The music for the film Pendulum is composed by Jean with the lyrics by Sameer Binsi, Titto P Thankachen, and Lisha Joseph.

Pendulum movie was hit the screens on June 16th of 2023.


Lyric Video

Mayum Kaalangal
Jean P Johnson .. Music
Lisha Joseph .. Lyricist
Zulfiq .. Singer

Athirukal Marayave
Jean P Johnson .. Music
Lisha Joseph .. Lyricist
Aravind Dileep Nair, Sadhika KR, Jewel Rose .. Singers

Video Jukebox

Roohin Nizhale
Jean P Johnson .. Music
Titto P Thankachen, Lisha Joseph (Hindi) .. Lyricist
Najim Arshad .. Singer


Dr. Mahesh Narayanan experiences many strange happenings while on a one-day family vacation. Mahesh has no idea how he ended up in a distant location where his family discovered him unconscious. He remembered all the details of his dream, including the names of the children he saw. In Pendulum, we follow Mahesh's quest to discover what actually occurred to him and how that process plays out.

pendulum imdb, pendulum 2022, mallurelease


Vijaybabuofficial_imageVijay Babu
AnumolOnline_imageAnumol K Manoharan
sunil.sukhada_imageSunil Sukhada
Shobhi Thilakan
Devaki Rajendran


Lights On Cinemas, Bat Bros International .. Banner
Rejin S Babu .. Director, Writer
Danish KA, Lisha Joseph, Binoj Villya .. Producers
Arun Damodaran .. Cinematography ES .. Editor
Dundhu Rajeev .. Art Director
rony.vellathooval_imageRony Vellathooval .. Makeup
Vipin Das .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Job George .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Vishnu S Rajan .. Stills
manu.m.joseph.1_imageMA MI JO .. Designs
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