Subha Wayanad in Kaliyattam | കളിയാട്ടത്തിലെ ശുഭ

subha wayanad in kaliyattam mallurelease

Saira Subha is notable for her acting skills

Rahim Panavoor
Subha Wayanad, who is very much in love with drama, is reaching her 165th stage by portraying the brave character of Saira and winning applause from the audience. Saira is the lead character in the street drama Kaliyattam presented by the Joint Council Vanita Munnetta Jatha.
subha wayanad in kaliyattam mallurelease

Bhairavi is the daughter of a circus performer and she is a symbol of servitude and submission. Saira is representative of the responsive women community. A character who breaks down the barriers of slavery and discrimination sets an example for society. Subha Wayanad at the beginning of the play is a poor girl who is subjected to violence and unable to speak is coming. A character with a face of pity falls in front of the moral police. This play marks the problems faced by women in today's society and how they rise up from them. The play is also a repetition of the testimony that the female is not weak. The 35-minute play, which has a positive message for society, is written and directed by Sharif Pangode.

subha wayanad in kaliyattam mallurelease

The play was conceived by Jayachandran Kallingal, State General Secretary of the Joint Council. The full support of him and the organization became the success factor of the play. Subha Wayanad is the associate director and coordinator of the play. Subha is also a member of the State Women's Committee of the Joint Council. People who work in different departments come as characters in the play. Most of them acted in drama for the first time. Rabitha, Bhairavi, those who came as chorus, Parthan, Raman, Subodh, and others who came as characters all acted well and won the praise of the viewers.

subha wayanad in kaliyattam mallurelease

The Vanita Munnetta Jatha started in Kasaragod. There were 60 reception centers in the state. In all the centers, there was drama along with the procession. A play was also performed at the museum premises in a program held in conjunction with the Thiruvananthapuram Tourism Week. A large number of people watched the drama and appreciated the drama team. It is true that although the play is a message to society, it does not impress the audience at all. It is sure that the audience will not forget Subha Wayanad's Saira and that Saira will be there as an inspiration to women.

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