Dasettante Cycle | ദാസേട്ടന്‍റെ സൈക്കിൾ

dasettante cycle malayalam movie mallurelease

Dasettante Cycle Malayalam movie release

"Dasettante Cycle" produced by Hareesh Peradi

dasettante cycle malayalam movie mallurelease

Dasettante Cycle Malayalam movie is written and directed by Akhil Kavungal, who is famous for the 2021 film "Ice Orathi". Features Hareesh Peradi in Dasettante Cycle as the central character and the other stars are Vaidi Peradi, Anjana Appukuttan, Kabani, LC Sukumaran, and Ratnakaran. The movie Dasettante Cycle is produced by Hareesh Peradi, Bindhu Hareesh and Sudeep Pachatt under the banner of Hareesh Peradi Productions and the executive producer is Naufal Punathil. The associate directors of the film are Jayendra Sharma and Sajith Lal.
dasettante cycle malayalam movie mallurelease

The first film of famous actor Hareesh Peradi as the producer of "Dasettante Cycle" started in Kozhikode. Also, the title poster of the film Dasettante Cycle was also unveiled on 1st October 2022. Hareesh Peradi said that "A good film on a small budget, that is the goal".

dasettante cycle malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film Dasettante Cycle is composed by Gireesan AC with the lyrics by Thomas Hans Ben.


Hareesh Peradi
Vaidi Peradi
Anjana Appukuttan
LC Sukumaran


Hareesh Peradi Productions .. Banner
Akhil Kavungal .. Director, Writer
Hareesh Peradi, Bindhu Hareesh, Sudeep Pachatt .. Producers
Rahul C Vimal .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
Murali Beypore .. Art Director
Rajeev Angamaly .. Makeup
Sukesh Thanoor .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Nijil Divakaran .. Production Controller
* .. Action
AS Dinesh .. Pro
Sreejith Chethippadi .. Stills
Manu Davinci .. Designs

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