Don't eliminate my source of income Shakeela | എന്റെ വരുമാന മാർഗം ഇല്ലാതാക്കരുത് ഷക്കീല

shakeela news, mallurelease

Don't eliminate my source of income on the grounds of Lakhs of the barricade, Special police protection is required don't eliminate my income stream by saying these reasons - Shakeela

shakeela news, mallurelease

Pratheesh Sekhar
Shakeela has become a prominent news leader in social media and leading channels while the news of the mall authorities denying permission for the trailer launch of the movie 'Nalla Samayam' which was to be held at a major mall in Kozhikode.

Shakeela released a plea to the people of Kerala not to do anything to hinder her artistic career citing various reasons. There is a widespread protest going on on social media against the mall authorities who denied permission for the event for the sole reason that Shakeela is participating.

The mall authorities denied permission for the trailer launch of Omar Lulu's 'Nalla Samayam' after the films Happy Wedding, Chunkzz, Oru Adaar Love, and Dhamaka.

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