Andhakaara | അന്ധകാരാ: The Darkest Minds (2024)

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Vasudev Sanal's new movie Andhakaara in Cinemas

Chandhunath and Divya Pillai in the lead

Andhakaara Malayalam thriller movie

A | 16 February 2024
Andhakaara Malayalam thriller movie is directed by Vasudev Sanal. Features youth sensation Chandhunath G and Divya Pillai in Andhakaara as the lead characters. The film also stars Dheeraj Denny, Antony Henry, Sudheer Karamana, Haya fame KR Bharath, Raatchasan fame Vinod Sagar, Mareena Michael Kurisingal, Baby Akshitha Valsan, and Jayraj Kozhikode along with two actors from Australia. The movie Andhakaara is produced by Sajeer Ahmed Gafur under the banner of Ace Of Hearts Cine Productions. The screenplay for the film Andhakaara is written by AL Arjun Sankar and Prashanth Nadeshan. Gokula Ramanathan is the executive producer of the film.
Andhakaara Malayalam thriller movie

After the film, Haya, which gained attention with a campus setting and a passionate presentation of contemporary issues, the shooting of Vasudev Sanal's Andhakaara began in Aluva on 4th January 2023. In a simple ceremony, the filming started with the switch-on by the producer Sajeer Gafur. Screenwriters Arjun Sankar and Prashanth Nadeshan gave the first clap. Ajisha Prabhakar, who made a name for herself with Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam, acted in the first shot. Director Vasudev Sanal said that this is a film in the dark-mood thriller genre.

Andhakaara Malayalam thriller movie

The presentation of this film is completely in a thriller mood. The shooting of the film Andhakaara will be completed in Kochi. The movie Andhakaara comes with the tagline "The Darkest Minds".

The music for the film "Andhakaara" was composed by Arun Muraleedharan.

Vasudev Sanal's A Gripping Tale of Shadows and Secrets Andhakaara movie was released in cinemas on February 16, 2024. Dream Big Films grabs the key to the darkness of Cinematic Odyssey like Never Before.


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Aree Nerin
Arun Muraleedharan .. Music
Haritha Haribabu .. Lyricist
Nithya Mammen, Deepak Nair .. Singers

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Chaaveraay Ee
Arun Muraleedharan .. Music
Haritha Haribabu .. Lyricist
Anila Rajeev, Vishnu Krishnan .. Singers


The focus of the film is primarily on two characters. Taxi driver Aravind is having financial difficulties and requires a large sum of money for his child's medical care. Next up is a physician by the name of Fidha, who has ties to the organ trafficking gang. The sequence of events that transpired when these two paths collided is depicted in Andhakaara.

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divya.pillai.338_imageDivya Pillai as Fida
Antony Henry as Aravind
Chandhunath G as George
Vinod Sagar as Rishad
Dheeraj Denny as Manu
Philip Claude Peter as Dr. John Kenneth
Jayraj Kozhikode as Security
Ajisha Prabhakaran as Anupama
KR Bharath as Joshi
Sreeraj as Hari Krishnan
mareenamichaelofficial_imageMareena Michael as Shabana
sudirkaramana_imageSudheer Karamana as Elias
Jishnu Sreekumar as Jaison
Anagha Annet as Vrinda
Baby Akshitha Valsan


Ace Of Hearts Cine Productions .. Banner
Vasudev Sanal .. Director
Sajeer Ahmed Gafur .. Producer
AL Arjun Sankar, Prashanth Nadeshan .. Writers
Mano V Narayanan .. Cinematography
Anandu Vijay .. Editor
arkanskarma.arkan_imageArkan S Karma .. Art Director
Pradeep Vithura .. Makeup
Sujith Mattannur .. Costumes
arun.m.nair.549_imageArun Muraleedharan .. Background Score
Jayaseelan Sadanandan .. Production Controller
PC Stunts .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
Fazalul Haq .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs
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andhakaara movie, andhakara malayalam movie, andhaghaaram malayalam movie, andhakara movie, mallurelease

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