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better half christian movie, mallurelease

'Better Half' web movie prepared by Dr. PG Vargis for the audience

better half christian movie, mallurelease

Better Half Christian movie is directed by Sooraj Tom and based on a true story. The film Better Half is produced by Faith Today, another branch of the Delhi-based Indian Evangelical Team (IET) headed by Dr. PG Vargis.
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A husband and wife who got separated 14 years ago are reunited. It may sound surprising, but the incident is true. That is the story told by the web movie 'Better Half' which points to the values of family relationships and married life. The true life story of Kanjirapallikaran Tommy and his wife Bindhu. The film is now available on Faith Today on YouTube. The film has already been shown on Harvest, Power Vision, and Jeevan channels. This heart-touching story is getting a huge response. According to the changes of time, the ways of conveying ideas to society should also change. PG Varghese was obliged. A film like this was born from such an idea. Although it has made many contributions in the field of visual media in the past, this is the first time that IET is taking the initiative for such a massive project on such a large canvas. Today couples get divorced even over trifles. Here the sanctity of marriage is being lost. PG Varghese said that such a story is very relevant in such a situation. Because this is life, real experience, true things, and that experience will surely touch at least some. This is not a profit-making film of any kind. The only aim is to reach the maximum number of people and see the maximum number of people. Better Half is prepared with the best technical perfection for that. The film will reach the audience completely free through various platforms. The quality of the production and the sincerity of the story were also needed. It is during the days when one walks with such a thought that one happens to meet a wife and husband - Tommy and Bindu. I was touched by their lives and definitely felt the need to share their story with as many people as possible. Because it has a very inspirational nature. He felt that Tommy and Bindu's life is the subject of that quality film he has long desired. PG Varghese said. He stated that he sincerely wants this film to change thousands, tens of thousands, if not lakhs of people.

better half christian movie, mallurelease

Step 2 Films, headed by director and ad filmmaker Sooraj Tom, who has directed a handful of good films in Malayalam, has produced this film for Faith Today. Sooraj Tom and his team have portrayed the real-life story with the same intensity in this film. Although Faith Today is a Christian organization, Better Half was never made as a purely Christian film. Rather, they have adopted an approach in which they interact with all types of people equally. Director Suraj Tom said that he is very happy to be able to express such a message in a film that can shed light on society in the midst of regular commercial films and films. The director added that Better Half has all the ingredients of a commercial film and is a film that can be enjoyed by all types of audiences.

better half christian movie, mallurelease

The screenplay is by Ajeesh P Thomas, who wrote the story and script for the films Pa Va and Vikrithi. Better Half's background score is composed by Samson Kottoor, who composed music for the much-loved Malayalam films Traffic, Melvilasom, Pallikoodam Pogamale, and Pass Boss (Tamil). The lyrics and music are by Rona Kottoor and sung by Abhijith Kollam.

The hero of Better Half is Jomon K John, who has played a notable role in Pa.Va, Mera Naam Shaji, Mangalyam Thanthunanena, and Krishnankutty Pani Thudangi. The heroine is Megha Thomas, who has acted in films such as Oru Njayarazhcha, Bheemante Vazhi, Hridayam, and Bharatha Circus. Ramesh Kottayam, who came to the cinema with the popular film Ayyappanum Koshiyum, Dr. Rony David, and Greeshma are the actors.


Jomon K John
Megha Thomas
Ramesh Kottayam
ronedavidr_imageRony David


Faith Today .. Banner
Sooraj Tom .. Director
Dr. PG Vargis .. Producer
Ajeesh P Thomas .. Writer
Sagar Ayyappan .. Cinematography
Rajesh Kototh .. Editor
Akhil Kumpti, Anish Sonali .. Art Director
Najil Anchal .. Makeup
Aarti Gopal .. Costumes
Samson Kottoor .. Background Score
Ambili .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
Cjo Varghese .. Stills
Artocarpus .. Designs


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