Detest Sec 118 (E) | ഡീട്ടെസ്റ്റ്‌ സെക്ഷൻ 118 (ഇ)

detest sec 118 e malayalam movie mallurelease

If a person dies due to negligence, is it not murder?

This topical question is addressed by a group of youngsters through the film Detest 118(E)

detest sec 118 e malayalam movie mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Detest Sec 118 (E) Malayalam movie is directed by Nithin Narayanan. Features Ranjith, Divya, Riyas Pallitheruv, Anil Nettayam, Jose Johnny, Ravi Vazhayil, Dilip Shah, Kochumon, Baby John, Anil Mundakayam, Gigi, Jarshad and Master Abhiram Nithin as the main stars. The movie Detest Sec 118 (E) is produced by New Delhi native Jossy John under the banner of JBRJ Productions and his first production venture. The screenplay for the film Detest Sec 118 (E) is written by Twenty-three-year-old Aseem S, a native of Nedumangad.

The film's director of photography is Midhun Murali. The audiography of the film is handled by Vipin M Sree where the sound design is very important. The associate directors of the film are Master Abhiram Nithin and Maneesh Manu.

detest sec 118 e malayalam movie mallurelease

The film Detest Sec 118 (E) warns that deaths caused by self-inflicted road accidents should be treated as murder.

The music for the film "Detest Sec 118 (E)" is composed by Sudarshan Kumbalam with the lyrics by Jose Johney and Sathyan Mandopilli. Producer Jossy John also sang three of the four beautiful songs in the film. Another song is sung by Aravind Dileep.

Detest Sec 118 (E) movie will be released soon.




JBRJ Productions .. Banner
Nithin Narayanan .. Director
Jossy John .. Producer
Aseem S .. Writer
Midhun Murali .. Cinematography, Editor, Background Score
Riyas Pallitheru .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
Renjith Peyad .. Costumes
* .. Production Controller
Sensei Anil Nettayam .. Action
rahim.panavoor_imageRahim Panavoor .. Pro
* .. Stills
Jishnu B Sekhar .. Designs

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