Randam Mukham | രണ്ടാം മുഖം

randam mukham malayalam movie mallurelease

Mareena Michael in the brand-new movie "Randam Mukham"

According to the actor, strong personalities give her confidence

randam mukham malayalam movie mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Randam Mukham Malayalam movie is directed by Krishnajith S Vijayan. Manikandan R Achari is an actor who has made a place in the minds of the audience with his remarkable roles. Mareena Michael Kurisingal and Anjali Nair play the other two central characters in the film. The movie Randam Mukham is jointly produced by KT Rajeev and K Sree Varma under the banner of U Company in association with Kanda Films. The story, screenplay, and dialogues for the film deal with a socially relevant theme, Randam Mukham written by K Sree Varma. Krishnajith S Vijayan, Bitto Davis, Nandhan Unni, Riaz MT, Vinod Thomas, Kottayam Somaraj, Parasparam Pradeep, Sufi Sudheer, KT Rajeev, Amrith Rajeev, Jeeja Surendran, and Revathy Shari are also in the cast.

Randam Mukham is the film with the most acting potential of the star Manikandan R Achari. Randam Mukham is discussing a very socially relevant issue. The film also has the novelty of expressing social politics very clearly. The origin of the film is the story of two personalities. Capturing the goodness and purity of the countryside, this movie is a completely realistic movie, suspense and thrill are other novelties of the movie. Through the emotional moments of everyday life, Randam Mukham becomes the audience's own experience.

The music for the film "Randam Mukham" is composed by Rajesh Babu K Sooranad with the lyrics of Bappu Vavad, Nishanth Kodamana, and Dr. PN Rajesh Kumar. The song "Mamala Mele Oru Kailesu Pole" sung by leading playback singer PK Sunil Kumar in the upcoming release 'Randam Mukham', is making waves on social media. The song is sung by Ajmal Basheer along with Sunil Kumar, and composed by Rajesh Babu K to the lyrics of famous lyricist Bappu Vavad. All the songs released earlier in the film caught the attention of the audience.

Randam Mukham movie will hit theaters soon.

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Mareena Michael said

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According to actress cum model Mareena Michael Kurisingal, the tenacity of the characters she plays in the movies gives her confidence. In a few movies, she appeared in front of the audience as a local figure. The actor claimed that she experiences a great deal of enjoyment and confidence when working with good characters. In the newest movie, "Randam Mukham" the character "Sunitha" is quite striking, according to Mareena. The Randam Mukham comes out of nowhere. With Randam Mukham her character, "Sunitha," is entirely unique and unlike anything, she has previously played. The life of the character is rife with strife, a powerful female lead. I've utilized all of my acting abilities. I'm certain that the public will like my character as a result. "As a result, I am optimistic that the audience will embrace my character in the Randam Mukham".

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Lyric Video

Mamala Mele | Repeat Version
Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
Bappu Vavad .. Lyricist
PK Sunil Kumar, Ajmal Basheer .. Singers

Mamala Mele
Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
Bappu Vavad .. Lyricist
Veda Abhilash, Ajmal Basheer .. Singers

Nenjilinnu Vingum
Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
Nishant Kodamana .. Lyricist
Mithun Jayaraj .. Singer

Video Jukebox

Rajesh Babu K Sooranad .. Music
Dr. PN Rajesh Kumar .. Lyricist
Najim Arshad, Aishwarya Kalyani .. Singers

randam mukham malayalam movie mallurelease

randam mukham malayalam movie mallurelease


ManikandanRAchariOfficial_imageManikandan R Achari
mareenamichaelofficial_imageMareena Michael
AnjaliNairOfficial_imageAnjali Nair
Krishnajith S Vijayan
bitto.davis.9_imageBitto Davis
Nandhan Unni
Riaz MT
Vinod Thomas
Kottayam Somaraj
Parasparam Pradeep
Sufi Sudheer
KT Rajeev
Amrith Rajeev
Jeeja Surendran
Revathy Shari


U Company, Kanda Films .. Banner
Krishnajith S Vijayan .. Director
KT Rajeev .. Producer
K Sree Varma .. Producer, Writer
Ajai P Paul, Hussain Abdul Shukoor .. Cinematography
Hari Mohandas .. Editor
Sreejith Sreedhar .. Art Director
Anoop Sabu .. Makeup
Adithya Nanu .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Vinod Paravur .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
Vishnu Raghu .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs
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