Oru Jathi Jathakam | ഒരു ജാതി ജാതകം

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Oru Jathi Jathakam's teaser released

Vineeth Sreenivasan and Nikhila Vimal in the lead

oru jathi jathakam, oru jathi jathakam release date, oru jathi jathakam malayalam movie, oru jathi jathakam movie, mallurelease

First Look
Oru Jathi Jathakam is a Malayalam movie directed by M Mohanan. Features Vineeth Sreenivasan as the hero in Oru Jathi Jathakam with Nikhila Vimal as the heroine. PP Kunhikrishnan, Nirmal Palazhi, Ranji Kankol, Mridul Nair, singer Sayanora Philip, Kayadu Lohar, Indu Thampy, Rajitha Madhu, Chippy Devassay, Amal Taha, are also the main actors of this film. Babu Antony plays another lead character. The movie Oru Jathi Jathakam is produced by Maha Subair under the banner of Varnachithra Big Screen. The screenplay for the film Oru Jathi Jathakam is written by Rakesh Mantodi after Godha directed by Basil Joseph with Sharesh Malayenkandy Akka Suresh Iringal as co-writer.

The cinematography of Oru Jathi Jathakam is by Viswajith Odukkathil, edited by Ranjan Abraham. The creative director of Oru Jathi Jathakam is Manu Sebastian, the chief associate director is Anil Abraham and Prashanth Pattiam is the casting director. The title design of the movie was done by Arun Pushkaran.

The official teaser of Oru Jathi Jathakam by M Mohanan starring Vineeth Sreenivasan and Nikhila Vimal in lead roles has been released on 4 March 2024.

Vineeth Sreenivasan is surrounded by a group of stunning women, and he looks good in suits. A poster sure to pique anyone's interest. Let's examine these stunning women. Other well-known figures are Nikhila Vimal, Pathonpatham Noottandu heroine Kayadu, Sayanora Philip the renowned singer, Indu Thampy, Haritha of Romancham fame, Chippy Devassay, and Rajitha Madhu. This is the first-look poster for M Mohanan's film Oru Jathi Jathakam released on 21 February 2024. This poster has gained widespread popularity. One would never anticipate seeing a poster like this for a Vineeth Sreenivasan movie, particularly one that was directed by M Mohanan.

oru jathi jathakam, oru jathi jathakam release date, oru jathi jathakam malayalam movie, oru jathi jathakam movie, mallurelease

Many questions are raised by this poster. Which role does Vineeth Sreenivasan have in this? How can I get to know a group of gorgeous people? It is anticipated that M. Mohanan will address this in this movie. Both the audience and the film industry are quite curious about this poster.

The story centers on a young man who works as an official in Chennai and comes from a wealthy family in Malabar. This movie is a visual feast that will make the audience laugh a lot and think a lot, with a lot of focus on the values that families uphold.

oru jathi jathakam malayalam movie mallurelease

Vineeth Sreenivasan plays the lead role in M Mohanan's film after the artistic and financial success of 'Aravindante Athidhikal'. The shooting of Varnachithra's film opened on 9th July 2023 in Ernakulam. Another important location of this film is Kannur and the shooting of Oru Jathi Jathakam directed by Mohanan has been completed in Kochi, Kannur, and Chennai.

oru jathi jathakam malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film "Oru Jathi Jathakam" is composed by Guna Balasubramanian with the lyrics by Manu Manjith. The dance choreographer of the film Oru Jathi Jathakam is Archana Master.

oru jathi jathakam malayalam movie mallurelease

Oru Jathi Jathakam movie will be marketed and distributed in theaters by Varnachithra. The post-production of this film by Maha Subair is nearing completion.


oru jathi jathakam malayalam movie mallurelease


official.vineethsreenivasan_imageVineeth Sreenivasan
Nikhilaonline_imageNikhila Vimal
ActorBabuAntony_imageBabu Antony
pp kunhikrishnan, pp kunhikrishnan movies, pp kunhikrishnan wikipedia, pp kunhikrishnan actor, mallureleasePP Kunhikrishnan
mrreedduull.nair_imageMridul Nair
Vidhu Prathap
Sayanora Philip
Kayadu Lohar
ranji kankol, ranji kankol movies, renji kankol, ranji kankol actor, mallureleaseRanji Kankol
Amal Thaha
Indu Thamby
Rejitha Madhu
Chippy Devassy
Pooja Mohanraj
Varsha Ramesh
Haritha Parokkod
shaunromy_imageShaun Romy
sarath.sabha_imageSarath Sabha
actornirmalpalazhi_imageNirmal Palazhi
vijayakrishnan_actorVijayakrishnan AB
Aishwarya Midhun Koroth
Anusree Ajithan
Arvind Reghu


maha subair varnachitra films, maha subair movies, maha subair, mallureleaseMaha Subair Varnachitra Films .. Banner
FilmDirector.M.Mohanan_imageM Mohanan .. Director
maha subair, maha subair movies, maha subair producer, producer maha subair, maha subair varnachitra, mallureleaseMaha Subair .. Producer
rakesh_mantodi_imageRakesh Mantodi .. Writer
viswajith odukkathil, viswajith odukkathil movies, mallureleaseViswajith Odukkathil .. Cinematography
ranjan.abraham.96_imageRanjan Abraham .. Editor
josephnellickal_imageJoseph Nellikkal .. Art Director
shaji.pulpally_imageShaji Pulpally .. Makeup
Rafi Kannadiparamba .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Shameej Koyilandy .. Production Controller
prabu61283PC Stunts (Prabu Chandrasekar) .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
premlal pattazhi, prem lal pattazhy, mallureleasePrem Lal Pattazhy .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs
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