Neethi | നീതി: The Justice (2023)

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

Neethi Malayalam movie

Neethi in theaters from November 17

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

17 November 2023
Neethi is a Malayalam movie directed by Dr. Jessy. The movie Neethi was produced by Mahesh Jain and Arun Jayan under the banner of Alvin Creations. Dr. Jessy is handling the story, and dialogues of Neethi with the screenplay by Babu Athani. The protagonist of this film is Ramya Ramesh, the second transgender woman to appear in Malayalam cinema. A huge cast like Binoj Kulathur, TP Kunhikannan, Srikutty Namitha, Aymanam Sajan, Vijishprabhu, Varsha Nandini, Lata Mohan, Asha, Rajini, Binoy, Nandana, Ashwin, Vaishnav, Sajana, Anuruddh, Akhilesh, Anish Sridhar, Kavita, Tara, Akshaya, With Baby, Sheena, Suchitra, Unnimaya, Reena, Udayaprakasan, Shani Das, Prasad, Siddhik, Velayudhan, Murugan, Unni Thirur, Devdas, Shibu, Santhosh, Master Shahal, Master Shravan, Laxmanan, Rajneesh Nibod, Vijeesh, Srinath, and Prabhu, are also starring.
neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

The chief associate director is Ajith CC and Vineesh is the associate director with Niranjan as the assistant director. 'Neethi' introduces Kerala's First Malayali Transgender Singer 'Miss. Charulatha', Second Malayali transgender heroine 'Miss. Ramya Ramesh', and the First Malayali Transmen Hero 'Mr. Binoy'.

The film "Neethi" is based on the violation of Article 15 of the Constitution of India, 1949, and tells the tale of the fight of actual men who were denied justice. "Neethi" is an anthology film based on a true story of being denied the right to live freely in India, featuring three stories of Dr. Jessy Kuthanur's "Kicchoottante Amma", "Ennile Nee", and "Mukhamariyaathavan".

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

The Dr. Jessy-directed film Neethi's audio launch took place at Olavakkot GM Auditorium in Palakkad. The release event was conducted by the producer cum director Priyanandanan. According to Priyanandanan, if films with artistic worth and social responsibility are to be developed, people's support and individual struggles are required, and if such films are to be made, the people themselves should step forward and support them.

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

Former managing director of Kairali TV and cultural activist TR Ajayan, district panchayat president Smt Binumol, film stars Manju Vijeesh, Kunhikannan Cheruvathur, screenwriter Rajesh Kottappady, director Dr. JC, Unni Tirur, transgender social activists Varsha Nandini, Aneera Kabeer, and poetess Indulekha Vayalar, and many prominent figures in the field of film and culture have participated at the event.

Krishna Prasad Palakkad and Vishnu Das USA composed the music for Neethi's five songs. Murali S Kumar and Akhilesh Ramachandran penned the lyrics. The performers include Krishna Prasad, Abhirami, Malayalam's first transgender singer VLR Charulatha, Varsha Nandini, Vishnu, and Akhilesh. Abhirami is the first transgender vocalist in Malayalam. The songs will be released by Millennium Audio.

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

The primary antagonist in Dr. Jessy's film Neethi is played by actor Aymanam Sajan. The character of Comrade Kumaran, the head of a well-known political group, was played by Sajan. This is Neethi's main antagonist in the film. Scenes involving Aymanam Sajan were filmed in Palakkad as per Dr. Jessy's orders. Aymanam Sajan became Comrade Kumaran because of the keen interest of renowned author Dr. Jessy. One of the most well-liked characters in the Neethi film is Comrade Kumaran. For the first time, Aymanam Sajan portrays a formidable antagonist.

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

Neethi is a film adaptation of four different stories from Dr. Jessy's remarkable collection of stories, Fusk. The film 'Neethi' comes with the tagline "The Justice".

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

In Malayalam cinema, where beautiful melodious songs are losing importance, Dr. Jassi's film Neethi comes with five different top songs. For the first time in the history of Malayalam cinema, there are two songs by a transgender singer who sings, which is best in this. Out of this Jalsa song by Transingers stands out the best. This song starts with Manja Nilaa Kuliraninju will attract all the audience. The song was sung by Transingers Charulata from Kasaragod and Varsha Nandini from Palakkad. Murali S Kumar wrote the lyrics, and Krishna Prasad composed the music. Transgender Charulata has sung yet another great song. The music director Krishna Prasad sang alone the song beginning with Pathiye. The song sung by Krishna Prasad and Abhirami has also received good reviews. Amesh and Ramya are the dance choreographers of Neethi.

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

The revolutionary song starting with "Poradee'' is also good. Akhilesh wrote the lyrics, and Vishnudas composed the music. Sung by Madhu, Vishalakshi, Akhilesh, and Vishnudas. Excellent songs have been praised in several Malayalam films. The Neethi movie's outstanding tunes will also be noteworthy.

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease

Neethi movie by Jessy hit the theaters on 17 November 2023.


Video Jukebox

Krishnaprasad .. Music
Murali S Kumar .. Lyricist
Miss. Charulatha .. Singer

Pathiye En Pularikal
Krishnaprasad .. Music, Singer
Murali S Kumar .. Lyricist

Vishnu Dass .. Music, Singer
Akhilesh .. Lyricist, Singer

Manja Nila - Jelsa Song
Krishnaprasad .. Music
Murali S Kumar .. Lyricist
RLV Charulatha, Varsha Nandhini .. Singers

neethi malayalam movie mallurelease


Binoj Kulathoor
Kunhikannan Cheruvathur
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan
Sreekutty Namitha
Varsha Nandini
Vijeesh Prabhu
Latha Mohan


Alwin Creations .. Banner
Dr. Jessy .. Director
Arun Jain, Mahesh Jain .. Producers
Babu Athani .. Writer
TS Baabu .. Cinematography
Shameer .. Editor
Rouf Tirur, Praveen Kummati, Udayaprakash .. Art Director
Airport Babu, Shibu Tirur .. Makeup
Unnimaya .. Costumes
Sheikh Elahi .. Background Score
Vinu Prakash .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Anadhu, Binu .. Stills
Shanil Kite .. Designs

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