Pachappu Thedi | പച്ചപ്പ് തേടി: Pursuing Prosperity (2023)

pachappu thedi malayalam movie mallurelease

A story of normal men who lose their life

Pachappu Thedi in theaters December 15

pachappu thedi malayalam movie mallurelease

15 December 2023
Pachappu Thedi is a Malayalam movie written and directed by writer cum director Kavil Raj. Features Vinod Kovoor, Salim Hassan, Habeeb Khan, Jacob Simon, Unnikrishnan Nettissery, Kalamandalam Parameswaran, Balachandran Puranattukara, Gayathri Shalu Raj, CP Zarina, Anupama, Jayashree, Anushree and Sama Ashraf. The movie Pachappu Thedi is produced under the banner of Thrissur Cine France Creations. The story, screenplay, and dialogues are penned by Kavil Raj.

The world does not know the sufferings and hardships of the starving poor and the landless. The film 'Pachapa Pachi' is coming to tell their story to the world. Director Kavil Raj realizes the story of a poor man who, despite being educated, could not find a job and started farming on the land handed over by his parents. Vinod Kovoor plays this character. Vinod is also seen as a singer in the film.

This film tells the story of an unlucky young man who fell into debt and the girl who fell in love with him, Sheba, a teacher who intervenes in the problems affecting society, and a mother who struggles to raise a girl. This film also presents the story of destitute green men who have lost their homes, homes, and relationships differently.

pachappu thedi malayalam movie mallurelease

Director Kavil Raj tells the story of normal people who lose their lives in the film "Pachappu Thedi" after 'Arangu Thalam Akkarakku'. The chief associate director is Jacob Simon and the associate directors are Jayaraj Menon and Jayan V Vijayas.

Green is the color of nature and love, Green is a symbol of hope and the environment. The film Pachappu Thedi tells the story of some people who lose that greenness. The story of some unlucky people who lost their house and homestead. A story of tears of a mother who has to leave her own daughter. The story of the struggle of a poetess and social activist. The story of a girlfriend who is a representative of the modern women's society confronts her lover with a sense of inferiority complex. This is what the picture Pachappu Thedi tells us.

Director Kavil Raj, who is the general secretary of Sargaswaram, a writer's association in Thrissur district, is also a good writer. The film penned and lyrics are by Kavil Raj. Pachappu Thedi is a film made with the cooperation of everyone, a group called Cine Friends which gives importance to charitable works.

pachappu thedi malayalam movie mallurelease

The preview of the film Pachappu Thedi was held at Thrissur Sobha City Mall: INOX on 26th July 2023. Dr. Aravindan Vallachira, I Shanmughadas, MN Sasidharan, Unnikrishnan Nettissery, Rafi Chazhur, Kalamandalam Parameswaran and other audience members also participated.

Everyone agreed that Pachappu Thedi is a terrific movie on a small budget with a nice message. The lead vocalist in the Kavil Raj-directed Pachappu Thedi movie is Vinod Kovoor. He portrays the creative role of a smart farmer. The best performance of Habib Khan's career was given. In his funny portrayal of a typical farmer, Salim Hassan enchanted the crowd. Poet, social activist, and singer Sheeba Teacher is portrayed by writer CP Zarina. In addition, Gayatri and Anupama shone.

pachappu thedi malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film 'Pachappu Thedi' is composed by RN Ravindran and Mikku Kaavil. Pachappu Thedi is the film in which Vinod Kovoor will be the lead actor and singer for the first time, and top singer fame Sreehari Keralassery as playback singer for the first time. The songs sung by the new singers have become impressive.

Pachappu Thedi movie hit the theaters by Kripanidhi Cine Arts on December 15, 2023.

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Niramillatha Nizhalukal Njangal
RN Raveendran .. Music
Kavil Raj .. Lyricist
Sreehari Manikandan .. Singer

Etho Purathana Prema Kudeeram
RN Raveendran .. Music
Kavil Raj .. Lyricist
Vinod Kovoor .. Singer

Snehamanu Eswaran Ennulla Karanam
Mikku Kavil .. Music
Kavil Raj .. Lyricist
Chanthini Mikku .. Singer


Vinod Kovoor
Salim Hasan
Geo Maranchery
Habib Khan
Jacob Simon
Unnikrishnan Nettissery
Kalamandalam Parameswaran
Balachandran Puranattukara
CP Zarina
Kumari Sama


Cine Friends Creations .. Banner, Producer
Kavil Raj Thrissur .. Director, Writer, DOP
Sajeesh Namboothiri .. Editor
Aneesh Pilappulli .. Art Director
Shiji Thanur .. Makeup
Sudhi Tanur .. Costumes
RN Ravindran .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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