Bramayugam | ഭ്രമയുഗം: The Age of Madness (2024)

bramayugam malayalam movie mallurelease

Megastar Mammootty smiles at Old Mana's steps

Here it is Bramayugam in OTT

bramayugam malayalam movie mallurelease

UA | 15 February 2024
Bramayugam is a Malayalam horror-thriller movie written and directed by Rahul Sadasivan. The film Bramayugam features Mammootty in Bramayugam as the lead character with Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan, and Amalda Liz playing the lead roles. The movie Bramayugam was produced by Chakravarthy Ramachandra and S Sashikanth under the banner of Night Shift Studios. The dialogue for the film Bramayugam is written by TD Ramakrishnan.

The teaser for Bramayugam which features Megastar Mammootty was made public on 11 January 2024. The voiceover of the black-and-white trailer begins with, "There is no river as turbulent as time; it flows again and again," and concludes with Mammootty's character grinning on an old mana's stairs. The teaser also features Arjun Ashokan's character, demonstrating that 'Bramayugam' is a mystery movie. The first look of the film and the black and white poster released in early 2024 with the tagline 'The Age of Madness' were well received.

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Every new year is something we anticipate. As a New Year's gift to his admirers, megastar Mammootty unveiled the updated poster for "Bhramayugam" at the start of 2024. The audience was taken aback by the monochromatic banner featuring the slogan 'The Age of Madness'. This is the film that the audience has been waiting for since the first look of the film was released in September.

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The shooting of Night Shift Studios' Bramayugams a Mammootty starrer was successfully completed on 18 October 2023. The final segments, which star Arjun Ashokan, Siddharth Bharathan, and Amala Liss, were finished. 'Bramayugam' is a multi-lingual film that is highly anticipated by the audience. Ever since Mammootty's first look was released in September 2023, fans have been excited. The audience is looking at 'Bramayugam' as a continuation of Mammootty's successful films including the blockbuster film 'Kannur Squad'.

bramayugam, mammootty bramayugam, bramayugam cast, mallurelease
bramayugam malayalam movie mallurelease

The movie "Bramayugam" is being actively shot at Ottapalam in the Palakkad region. Mammootty's parts in the movie have been successfully finished, "Night Shift Studios" joyfully stated on 16 September 2023. The filming of the movie started on 17 August 2023 and was completed in Kochi, Ottapalam and Athirappilly.

bramayugam malayalam movie mallurelease

Chakravarthy Ramachandra, the CEO of Y NOT Studios founded Night Shift Studios as a production company to create horror thriller films. The film is written and directed by Rahul Sadashivan and stars Mammootty as the first film under the banner of Night Shift Studios.

Rahul Sadasivan, the movie's screenwriter and director, said these things. "Being able to direct Mammooka is a dream I'm glad to be experiencing. The story of "Bramayugam" has its roots in Kerala's turbulent past. I am grateful for the producers' support in creating an engaging movie. I'm hoping it will be a treat for Mammooka and genre aficionados everywhere".

The legendary Mammooka is featured in our debut production, say producers Chakraborty Ramachandra and S Sashikant, who are both "happy and thrilled" to have him on board. A big cinematic experience will be provided by Mammooka's unmatched image. With a talented cast and crew, filmmaker Rahul built a beautiful world in "Bhramayugam."

The music for the film 'Bramayugam' is composed by Christo Xavier.

Bramayugam movie was simultaneously distributed in theatres all over the world in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi by Night Shift Studios and YNOT Studios on February 15, 2024. The Kerala Theatrical Release of Bramayugam in Malayalam by Anto Joseph’s Aan Mega Media and the rest of India are theatrical by AP International. The overseas distribution is handled by Truth Global Films. The audience is eagerly anticipating its release. The Malayalam film Bramayugam's post-theatrical rights bagged by Sony Liv and premiered on 15 March 2024.



Christo Xavier .. Music
Din Nath Puthenchery .. Lyricist

1. Kunjamon Potti Theme
Christo Xavier .. Singer
2. Poomani Maalika (Hymn 1)
Christo Xavier .. Singer
Ammu Maria Alex .. Lyricist
3. Thambaye (Hymn 2)
Christo Xavier .. Singer
4. Aadithyan Illaadhe (Hymn 3)
Christo Xavier .. Singer
5. The Beginning (Malayalam)
Atheena .. Singer
6. The Age of Madness (Malayalam)
Sayanth S .. Singer

Audio Jukebox

Video Jukebox

Poomani Maalika
Christo Xavier .. Music, Singer
Ammu Maria Alex .. Lyricist

Christo Xavier .. Music, Singer
Din Nath Puthenchery .. Lyricist

Aadithyan Illaadhe
Christo Xavier .. Music, Singer
Din Nath Puthenchery .. Lyricist

Character Posters


The protagonist, a man from the Paanan caste, gets lost while trying to flee a slave market in this 17th-century film. Eventually, the man comes to the large, abandoned mana in the middle of the jungle. When Kodumon Potti, the head of the abandoned house, discovers that Paanan can sing, he chooses to give him a place to reside. The man didn't have a very nice stay in that ancient house with just his chef and himself, and the movie follows his attempts to get out of there.

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bramayugam malayalam movie mallurelease


mammootty_imageMammootty as Kodumon Potti
ActorArjunAshokan_imageArjun Ashokan as Thevan
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amalda_liz_imageAmalda Liz Liz as Yakshi
ManikandanRAchariOfficial_imageManikandan R Achari as Koran
Sheeba Sebastian as Thevan's Mother
Akash Chandran as Goblin
Rafnas Rafeek as Theyyam


Night Shift Studios .. Banner
Rahul Sadasivan .. Director, Writer
Chakravarthy Ramachandra, S Sashikanth .. Producers
shehnad.jalal_imageShehnad Jalal .. Cinematography
Shafique Mohamed Ali .. Editor
jothish.shankar_imageJothish Shankar .. Art Director
ronex_xavior_imageRonex Xavier .. Makeup J (Melwin Joy) .. Costumes
Christo Xavier .. Background Score
aroma.mohan_imageAroma Mohan .. Production Controller
Kalai Kingson .. Action
sabari_imageSabari .. Pro
Navi500_imageNaveen (Navin Murali) .. Stills
aesthetic kunjamma designs, aesthetic kunjamma website, mallureleaseAesthetic Kunjamma .. Designs
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