L | എല്‍ (2024)

l malayalam movie mallurelease

The theater fell silent for a long time

L is a huge hit, and the show goes on

l malayalam movie mallurelease

5 April 2024
L is a Malayalam thriller movie directed by young director Shoji Sebastian. Features Joshy Krishna, Rajkumar Radhakrishnan, Amrutha Menon, Aswathy U Pillai, Sandhya Manoj, Aswathy Arun, Prabha Krishna, Vishnu, Rajesh, K P Anil, Rakesh, Jyothi Sivaram, Dileep. The movie L is being produced under the banner of Pop Media. The Story, Screenplay, and Dialogue are written by Shelly Joy and the director Shoji Sebastian jointly.

Arun Kumar handles the cinematography, and editing by Sooraj Ayyappan and Ben Kachappilly do the project design and color grading. The chief associate director is Shelly Joy and the associate director is Eby MA.

At theatres L, the new cinema is a huge success, keeping the crowd on edge. L is a fantastic movie with a different plot and presentation. The blending of Christian faith mythology and reality is the central premise of this suspenseful film.

The crowd is complaining that there hasn't been a suspenseful movie like this one in a long time. From start to finish, the movie stays in the same direction. Not a single scene passes by that gets old for the viewers. The audience is kept on the edge of their seats as the film progresses. While the movie explores Christian mythology, it also engages with current affairs. Not to be overlooked are the cinematography and background music. Foreign film cinematography is typified by this. The image is further enhanced by the stunning background. Neither humor nor familial matters are covered in the movie. The viewer will experience it as an investigation thriller at moments and as a road movie at others. L is another movie that should be viewed with extreme caution. The second portion of the film is promised to the audience as the epic narrative draws to a close and the screen goes away. The entire movie showcases Shoji Sebastian's skill as a young director. L is another movie that subtly conveys to the audience certain realities. Shoji Sebastian directed this thriller, which stars many fresh talents.

On 5 April is the premiere date of Shoji Sebastian's debut thriller, "L". Following the release of the teaser of "L" which starred Amrita Menon 'Ennalum Ente Aliya' in the lead role, received positive reviews from both critics and viewers. Thousands of people watched the teaser on YouTube within seconds of its release. The movie has top-notch technology. Film 'L' features music and a background score composed by Blesson Thomas, an independent filmmaker who has collaborated with gifted Malayalam musicians.

The song 'Yaamam' from the thriller film 'L', by young director Shoji Sebastian, is attracting attention. Blesson Thomas composed the music for the romantic song with heart-touching lyrics by Roshan Boban. The song "Yaamam" sung by Najim Arshad in a sweet voice is now viral on social media. Music director Blesson Thomas has worked with talented Malayalam musicians, and is the independent to compose music and background score for the film 'L'.

After the film 'Ennalum Ente Aliya', the teaser of 'L', starring Amrutha Menon as the female lead, won critical acclaim as well as audience appreciation. Within seconds of its release, the teaser was viewed by lakhs of people on YouTube. The film comes with excellent technology.

The crew of L released the teaser on 17th August 2023. L is a thriller movie and it is also full of mystery films. The title for the film 'L' is designed by SKD Design Faktory. The shooting of 'L' has been completed in Idukki and Goa.

The music for the film 'L' is composed by Blesson Thomas with the lyrics of Roshan Boban, Bindu Anirudhan, Joice Thonniamala, and Robin Daniel, and a sound mix by Happy Jose.

The film L hit the theaters on April 5, 2024.


Video Jukebox

Blesson Thomas .. Music
Roshan Boban .. Lyricist
Najeem Arshad .. Singer

Albin Zetris .. Music, Singer
Robin Daniel .. Lyricist
Celin Shoji .. Singer

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l malayalam movie mallurelease


Joshy Krishna as Aji Jacob
Amrutha Menon as Elina
Aswathy U Pillai as Sara
Aswathy Arun as Nancy
Rajkumar Radhakrishnan as Karthik
Rohith Ved as Theologist
Sandhya Manoj as IG Renuka
Prabha Krishnan as Mother
Vishnu Vijayan as Arun
KP Anil as ShopKeeper
Jyothi Sivaram


Pop Media .. Banner
Shoji Sebastian .. Director, Writer
* .. Producer
Shelly Joy .. Writer
Arun Kumar .. Cinematography
Sooraj Ayyappan .. Editor
Shibu Krishna, Ratheesh Krishnan .. Art Director
Krishnan, Shine Rozario .. Makeup
Sulfia Majeed .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
* .. Stills
Spotted Colors .. Designs

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