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abaam movies production no13, mallurelease

Boban Samuel - Abaam Movies' Machante Malakha

Title Revealed
Machante Malakha is a Malayalam movie directed by Boban Samuel. Features Soubin Shahir as the hero and Namitha Pramod as the heroine. In addition to Dileesh Pothan and Shanthi Krishna play the best roles in the movie Manoj KU of Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam, Vineeth Thattil, Darshana Sudarsan, Sruthy Jayan, and Arya who all play lead roles. The movie Machante Malakha is produced by Abraham Mathew under the banner of Abaam Movies and is the thirteenth film from Abaam Movies. The screenplay for the feelgood family entertainer category film is written by Ajeesh P Thomas from the story of the director Jexson Antony.
abaam movies production no13, mallurelease

Vivek Menon is the DOP and the film's executive producer is Ameer Cochin. The chief associate director of the film is Jijo Jose.

The new film by Boban Samuel starring Soubin Shahir and Namitha Pramod in lead roles tentatively titled Abaam Movies Production No.13 is titled 'Machante Malakha'. The title of the film was revealed through the official page of famous actor Prithviraj Sukumaran on the 2023 Christmas day.

The film portrays the bond of family ties, tenderness, and heart-touching with small humorous moments. The film mainly focuses on the lives of Sajeev, a bus conductor, and Lijimol, a medical shop employee. The husband trying to match his wife's deep love. What sets this film apart is that it has some unexpected twists and turns in between its funny moments. Sajeevne and Lijimole is secured by Soubin and Namitha.

On 9th August 2023 at Mulanthuruthy the new movie directed by Boban Samuel starring Soubin Shahir and Namitha Pramod in key parts, began filming.

The family story in the movie is ideal. The story of the movie follows the lives of Sajeevan, a bus driver, and Lijimol, his wife, who works in a pharmacy. This movie's presentation is based on their perceptions of everyday people's lives. This movie tells the story of a wife who loves her spouse a lot and a husband who struggles to accept it through entertaining and heartfelt scenes. These roles are played by Namitha Pramod and Soubin Shahir. Through the latest film, Boban Samuel presents the story of a young man who becomes disoriented amid relationships, duties and love in a very realistic way.

abaam movies production no13, mallurelease

The yet-to-be-titled movie's Pooja and Switch-on ceremony took place at Kumbidi, close to Annamanada Abaam Tharavadu on 13th July 2023, directed by Boban Samuel and stars Soubin Shahir. The film's shooting will start on 5th August 2023 and will be completed in the Annamanada, Mala, Poovathussery, and Mulanthuruthy areas.

abaam movies production no13, mallurelease

In front of the cast, crew, and family members, Soubin Shahir and Dileesh Pothan lit the first Bhadradeepam to begin the pooja ceremony, followed by Sheelu Abraham, Namitha Pramod, Listin Stephen, Alvin Anthony, Abraham Mathew, Boban Samuel, Resmi Boban, Ousepachan, Jexson Antony, Ajeesh P Thomas, Rajakrishnan, Singer Akhila Lal, Vivek Menon, Kannan Thamarakkulam, Marthandan, Sibi Abraham and others. Furthermore, present were producers Ramesh Kumar, Santhosh Pavithram, and others. Then Sheelu Abraham did the switch-on and Listin Stephen gave the first clap.

abaam movies production no13, mallurelease

The music for the film is composed by Ouseppachan with Sinto Sunny's lyrics.

Machante Malakha movie will be released by Abaam Movies.

abaam movies production no13, mallurelease


soubinshahirofficial_imageSoubin Shahir
NamithaPramodOfficial_imageNamitha Pramod
dileesh.pothan_imageDileesh Pothan
Manoj KU
shanthikrishn_imageShanthi Krishna
Vineeth Thattil
Darshana Sudarsan


abaammovies_imageAbaam Movies .. Banner
boban.samuel.12_imageBoban Samuel .. Director
abraham_mathew_imageAbraham Mathew .. Producer
Ajeesh P Thomas .. Writer
Vinod Menon .. Cinematography Raj .. Editor
sahas.bala_imageSahas Bala .. Art Director
jithesh.kt_imageJithesh Poyya .. Makeup
arun.manohar.583_imageArun Manohar .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
deepa.parameswran_imageDeepak Parameswaran .. Production Controller
* .. Action
siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad, vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose, manjugopinath77_imageManju Gopinath .. Pro
Girishanker .. Stills
Magic Moments .. Designs

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