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The first look poster of Oru Kattil Oru Muri released

Hakkim Shah, Priyamvada Krishnan, and Poornima Indrajith are the central characters

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First Look
Oru Kattil Oru Muri is a completely romantic comedy thriller movie directed by Shanavas K Bavakkutty. Features new generation notable actors Hakkim Shah, Priyamvada Krishnan, and Poornima Indrajith are playing the lead roles. Shammi Thilakan, Vijayaraghavan, , Jaffer Idukki, Raghunath Paleri, Janardhanan, Ganapathi, Swathi Das Prabhu, Prashanth Murali, Manohari Joy, Thushara Pillai, Vijaykumar Prabhakaran, Hari Shankar, Rajeev V Thomas, Gibin Gopinath, Unni Raja, Devaraj Kozhikode and many other stars are also in the film. The movie is jointly produced under the banner of Saptha Tharang Creations Private Limited and Vikramadithyan Film by Sameer Chembayil and Raghunath Paleri. The screenplay for the rom-com is written by Raghunath Paleri, the best story writer in Malayalam.
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Eldhose Nirappel is the cinematographer and Manoj CS is the editor. The chief associate directors of the film are Unni C and AK Rajilesh, and the casting director is Binoy Nambala. Baburaj Manissery is the executive producer of the film. Arun Udumbanchola and Anju Peter are the post-production coordinators.

The first look poster of Oru Kattil Oru Muri by Shanavas K Bavakkutty is unveiled on 22 January 2024. The first poster has been released with pictures who are prominent the youth Hakkim Shah and Priyamvada Krishnan along with Poornima Indrajith. It is understood that these three people are playing the central characters in this film. Director Shanavas K Bavakkutty said that this film is trying to tell a story of intense love that gives a lot of suspense and thrill. The first-look poster of Oru Kattil Oru Muri has become the talk of the town on social media. After the much-discussed and critically acclaimed films Kismath and Thottappan, this film is also notable as the film directed by Shanavas K Bavakkutty.

The title motion poster of the film was released on the social media pages of Prithviraj Sukumaran and Indrajith Sukumaran on 22 December 2023. The tentatively titled movie 'Production No. 4' is titled 'Oru Kattil Oru Muri'. With the right amount of humor, the tale of three people in a metropolis experiencing intense love is told.

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The movie is classified as a romantic comedy thriller (Raw Com). With the right amount of excitement and humor, the narrative of three people who live in a city and experience intense love is depicted. The feelings of the younger generation are given a lot of weight in this film's depiction. Raghunath Paleri, who has scripted many hit films, will make a strong comeback after a long hiatus.

Two of Shanavas K Bavakkutty's films have earned him recognition as the greatest director. On 17th August 2023, Chingam Onnu the new movie helmed by Shanavas started filming after a brief ceremony at Kochi's Puthenkurish Pet Rose Event Center. The production company behind the movie, Saptha Tharang Creations, is well known for creating the outstanding Malayalam films Aanakkallan, Panchavarnathatha, and Aanandam Paramanandam.

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The Saptha Tharang team OP Unnikrishnan, Madhu Palliyana, Jaya Gopalan, Jacob V Thomas Vallakalil, Suma Jacob, along with Shanavas K Bavakkutty, Poornima Indrajith, Hakkim Shah, and Priyamvada started the ritual by lighting the Bhadradeepam in front of the crew, friends, and relatives. As Santhosh Vallakalil initially clapped after Subramanian Sukumaran's switch-on ceremony the shooting began. The film's shooting will be completed in Kakkanad, Pukkattupady, Puthenkurish, and Karimugal.

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Two outstanding films by filmmaker Shanavas K Bavakkutty cemented his status in Malayalam cinema. Kismath, which received the state government award for best debut director in 2017, and Thottappan were both directed by Shanavas K Bavakkutty. The film Thottappan won two state honors. One for Priyamvada Krishnan's Best Actress Award and the other for PS Rafeeque's Best Screenplay Award. With these two pictures, he became a director who was eagerly awaited.

Raghunath Paleri's screenplay

A significant impact has been made by Raghunath Paleri in Malayalam literature and film. Raghunath Paleri, a standout storyteller in the Malayalam literary scene, eventually rose to fame by penning screenplays for numerous motion pictures. The screenplays for My Dear Kuttichathan, Mazhavilkavadi, Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu, Pingami, Meleparambil Anveedu, and Devadoothan were written by Raghunath Paleri. He has written and directed films like Vismayam and Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare. These films were all commercially and artistically successful.

After that, Raghunath Paleri made his acting debut in Malayalam films. Shanavas K Bavakkutty's Thottappan debuted on the acting stage. Subsequently, in Lalitham Sundaram and O.Baby, Raghunath Paleri had prominent roles. Raghunath Paleri is reportedly playing a fantastic role in this movie as well, according to director Shanavas K Bavakkutty.

Award Winners' Gathering

In this movie, several award winners have teamed up. They are the movie's lead actress Priyamvada Krishnan, Raghunath Paleri, Hesham Abdul Wahab, and the movie's costume designer Nisar Rahmath. The filmmaker said that the encounter was purely accidental.

The music for the film is composed by Ankit Menon - Varky from the lyrics are penned by Raghunath Paleri and Anwar Ali. The vocals rendered by Ravi G and Narayani Gopan. Abbad Ram Mohan is the dance choreographer.

Oru Kattil Oru Muri movie will be released by Saptha Tharang. The production of the film is nearing completion.

oru kattil oru muri malayalam movie mallurelease


Hakkim Shah
Priyamvada Krishnan
PoornimaOfficial_imagePoornima Indrajith
shammythilakanofficial_imageShammy Thilakan
Jaffer_Idukki_imageJaffer Idukki
raghunathpaleri_imageRaghunath Paleri
Swathi Das Prabhu
Manohari Joy
Thushara Pillai
vijaykumar prabhakaran, vijaykumar prabhakaran movies, vijayakumar prabhakaran, director vijayakumar prabhakaran, vijayakumar prabhakaran movies, mallureleaseVijaykumar Prabhakaran
Hari Shankar
Rajeev V Thomas
Gibin Gopinath
Unni Raja
Devaraj Kozhikode


Saptha Tharang Creations, Vikramadithyan Productions .. Banner
Shanavas K Bavakkutty .. Director
OP Unnikrishnan, Sameer Chembayil, Sathosh Vallakalil, PS Jayagopal, Madhu Palliyana, PS Premanadhan .. Producers
raghunathpaleri_imageRaghunath Paleri .. Writer
Eldhose Nirappel .. Cinematography
Manoj CS .. Editor
Arun Kattappana (Arun Jos) .. Art Director
Amal Kumar .. Makeup
nisar.rahmath.9_imageNisar Rahmath .. Costumes
Varkey .. Background Score
Elddo Selvaraj .. Production Controller
Kevin Kumar .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
Shaji Nathan .. Stills
ThoughtStation_imageThought Station .. Designs

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