La-Tomatina Chuvappunilam | ലാ ടൊമാറ്റിന ചുവപ്പുനിലം (2023)

la-tomatina malayalam movie mallurelease

"La-Tomatina" (Chuvappunilam) from September 22

la-tomatina malayalam movie mallurelease

22 September 2023
La-Tomatina is a Malayalam movie directed by Sajeevan Anthikad after Prabhuvinte Makkal and Tollfree. Features Joy Mathew, Kottayam Nazeer, and Sreejith Ravi in La-Tomatina as the lead characters. The movie La-Tomatina was produced by Sindhu M under the banner of Freethought Cinema. Media personality and story writer T Arunkumar is writing the screenplay and dialogues. Newcomers Ramesh Rajasekharan and Maria Thompson of London also play noteworthy roles.

The cinematography of the film La-Tomatina Chuvappunilam is handled by Manjulal and the editor is Venugopal. The chief associate director of the film is Krishna.

The movie La-Tomatina depicts a present-day vision of a dreadful circumstance that can overtake anyone at any time in the new era. A journalist who runs a YouTube channel and causes problems for the government is the movie's main character. He launched a YouTube channel to fearlessly do journalism because he was sick of working for so many top publications. Won't powerful interests and corrupt politicians strive to exert control over such media figures? Will the government shut down the channel if the media worker is determined to be non-responsive by fabricating a case against him? La-Tomatina (The Red Ground), the movie, was inspired by this idea.

There were no problems between Marunadan Malayalee and the government or between Marunadan and the MLA during the film's production. These problems eventually surfaced. "La-Tomatina" became a prophetic movie as a result," the filmmaker Sajeevan Anthikad stated.

The music for the film 'La-Tomatina' is composed by Arjun V Akshaya with the lyrics by Dr. Beji James and Sandeep Sudha. The singers of the film are Arjun V Akshaya and Catharine.

La-Tomatina movie hit the screens on September 22nd of 2023.

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Akamizhi Thedum
Arjun V Akshaya .. Music, Singer
Sandeep Sudha .. Lyricist

la-tomatina malayalam movie mallurelease


JoyMathew4u_imageJoy Mathew as Victim
sreejith_ravi_imageSreejith Ravi as Iyyer
kottayam_nazeer_imageKottayam Nazeer as Simon
Maria Thompson as Bella
Ramesh Raj as Abu
Harilal Rajgopal as Doctor


Freethought Cinema .. Banner
Sajeevan Anthikad .. Director
Sindhu M .. Producer
T Arunkumar .. Writer
Manjulal .. Cinematography
Venugopal .. Editor
Sree Valsan Anthikad .. Art Director
pattanam_shah_imagePattanam Shah .. Makeup
indrans.jayan_imageIndrans Jayan .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Narendran Koodan .. Stills
Dileep Daz .. Designs

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