Mahal | മഹൽ: In The Name of Father

mahal malayalam movie mallurelease

Shaheen Siddique in Mahal Malayalam Movie

"Mahal" ready for the premiere

mahal malayalam movie mallurelease

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Mahal is a Malayalam movie directed by Nazer Irimbiliyam. Features Shaheen Siddique, Unni Nair, and Lal Jose in Mahal as the lead characters. The movie Mahal was produced by Dr. Arjun Parameswar R. and Dr. Haris KT under the banner of IMAK Creations. The story and screenplay for the film are written by Dr. Haris KT. Abu Valayamkulam, Nadi Baker, Latif Kuttippuram, Usha Payyanur, Khatima Krishna, Suparna, and Rajini Edappal are playing the other characters.

The DOP of the film Mahal is Vivek Vasantha Lakshmi and Ashfak Aslam is the creative director and editing. The casting director of the movie Mahal is Abu Valayamkulam and Babu J. Raman is the executive producer.

The movie shows not just the emotional bond between a father and son but also the emotional struggles that a young man has when he is unable to cope with the challenges of contemporary life.

The music and BGM for the film 'Mahal' is composed by Musthafa Ambadi with the lyrics written by Rafeeq Ahamed, Moideen Kutty N. The singers in the film are Haricharan, Sithara Krishnakumar, KS Harisankar, Yunuseo, and Jayalakshmi.

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Thera Ye Karam - Female
Musthafa Ambadi .. Music
Moideenkutty N .. Lyricist
P Jayalakshmi .. Singer

Thera Ye Karam
Musthafa Ambadi .. Music
Moideenkutty N .. Lyricist
Yunuseo .. Singer

Karimegha Thazhappilum
Musthafa Ambadi .. Music
Rafeeq Ahamed .. Lyricist
Sithara Krishnakumar .. Singer

Karimegha Thazhappilum
Musthafa Ambadi .. Music
Rafeeq Ahamed .. Lyricist
Haricharan .. Singer

Akasha Mounam
Musthafa Ambadi .. Music
Rafeeq Ahamed .. Lyricist
KS Harisankar .. Singer

mahal malayalam movie mallurelease
mahal malayalam movie mallurelease


shaheen.sidhique_imageShaheen Sidhique as Shaheen
Unni Nair as Vapuka
LaljoseFilmDirector_imageLal Jose as Stranger
Abu Valayamkulam as Manager
Nadi as Abhinand
Western Prabhakaran as Prabhetan
Dr. Nadakavil Muhamed Ali as Dr. Venugopal


IMAK Creations .. Banner
Nazer Irimbiliyam .. Director
Dr. Arjun Parameswar R .. Producer
Dr. Haris KT .. Producer, Writer
Vivek Vasantha Lakshmi .. Cinematography
Ashfak Aslam .. Editor
rajeev.kovilakam.1_imageRajeev Kovilakom .. Art Director
Shibu Chelat .. Makeup
Subair Vairamkode .. Costumes
Musthafa Ambadi .. Background Score
sethuadoor.ksethukumar_imageSethu Adoor .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Ijas .. Stills
Gireesh VC .. Designs

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