Najjuss | നജസ്സ്: An Impure Story

najjuss malayalam movie mallurelease

Sreejith Poyilkavu's Najjuss

najjuss malayalam movie mallurelease

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Najjuss is a Malayalam movie written and directed by Sreejith Poyilkavu. With the tagline "An Impure Story", the film features a dog Canine Star Kuvi in the lead role. Kailash, Tito Wilson, Sajitha Madathil, Kunhikannan Cheruvathur, Ambili Sunil, Devaraj, and Ramesh Kappad are the other prominent stars. "Najjuss" is the 10th film produced by Dr. Manoj Govindan under the banner of Wide Screen Media Productions. The story and screenplay for the film are written by the director and Rafeeq Mangalassery is the co-writer.

The cinematography is handled by Vipin Chandran and co-produced by Murali Neelambari.

najjuss malayalam movie mallurelease

The film depicts the problems caused by a stray dog in a village in Malabar. Sreejith Poyilkavu won the state award for best story in 2019, and is known for his film "Vari-The Sentence". The film "Najjuss", written and directed by Sreejith Poilkao, is in progress in Kozhikode.

najjuss malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film 'Najjuss' was composed by Sunil Kumar PK with the lyrics by Dr. C Ravunni, Murali Neelambari, and Bappu Velliparamba.


tito.wilson.180_imageTito Wilson
iamsajithamadathil_imageSajitha Madathil
Kunhikannan Cheruvathur
Ambili Sunil
Ramesh Kappad


Wide Screen Media Productions .. Banner
Sreejith Poyilkavu .. Director, Writer
Dr. Manoj Govindan .. Producer
Rafeeq Mangalassery .. Writer
Vipin Chandran .. Cinematography
Rathin Radhakrishnan .. Editor
Vineesh Kannan .. Art Director
Shiji Tanur .. Makeup KR .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Kamlesh .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Rahul Lumiere .. Stills
Lainoj Redesign .. Designs

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