Suryayude Shaniyazhcha | സൂര്യയുടെ ശനിയാഴ്ച

saripodhaa sanivaaram movie mallurelease

Natural Star Nani's 'Suryayude Shaniyazhcha'

saripodhaa sanivaaram movie mallurelease

Suryayude Shaniyazhcha is an action-packed movie directed by the skilled filmmaker Vivek Athreya, who brought the audience a cult hit like 'Ante Sundaraniki' who is in charge of the movie. Features natural star Nani and Priyanka Mohan as the heroine. With the huge success of the Oscar-winning film "RRR" DVV Danayya and Kalyan Dasari are producing the movie under the DVV Entertainment banner.

Top technicians are working on the film. The cinematography is handled by Murali G and Karthika Srinivas does the editing.

In the film Suryayude Shaniyazhch, Nani is seen in a rugged look, experimenting with different themes and undergoing a makeover as per the characters' needs. While Priyanka Arul Mohan plays the female lead, Tamil actor SJ Suryah plays another important role in the film.

saripodhaa sanivaaram movie mallurelease

The film tentatively named #Nani31 is titled 'Suryayude Shaniyazhcha'. The pooja of the movie 'Suryayude Shaniyazhcha' helmed by Vivek Athreya and starring natural star Nani is over. The producer DVV Danayya handed over the film's script to the director during an auspicious Dussehra pooja ceremony. Dil Raju switched on the camera for the first shot and VV Vinayak hit the clapboard. The honorary direction of the first shot was done by SJ Surya.

saripodhaa sanivaaram movie mallurelease

The movie "#Nani31" in which natural actress Nani plays the lead role, has unveiled the poster for its heroine. The protagonist of this movie is Priyanka Mohan, who has appeared in Tamil and Telugu movies. The announcement video of 'Nani31' has been released on the same day. The color tint utilized in the video and the background score gives away that Nani and Vivek are doing a very different kind of research in this movie. The two (Nani-Vivek Athreya) reunite again after 'Ante Sundaraniki'. The announcement video that was released for the film also attracted the attention of the audience in a big way.

First Glimpse

The 23rd of October 2023 will see the release of the 'Nani31's' first glimpse. The movie's pooja is on the 24th of October 2023. On the same day, information on the cast and crew of the movie will be made public.

saripodhaa sanivaaram movie mallurelease

The music for the film 'Suryayude Shaniyazhcha' is composed by Jakes Bejoy.

Suryayude Shaniyazhcha is a Pan India movie released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. The film is named Saripodhaa Sanivaaram in Telugu, Suryavin Sanikizhamai in Tamil, Suryana Sanivaara in Kannada, and Surya Ka Shanivaar in Hindi.


Priyanka Mohan
SJ Suryah


DVV Entertainment .. Banner
Vivek Athreya .. Director
DVV Danayya, Kalyan Dasari .. Producers
* .. Writer
Murali G .. Cinematography
Karthika Srinivas .. Editor
* .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
jxsbe_imageJakes Bejoy .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sabari_imageSabari .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs
Untitled Nani/Vivek Athreya Project on IMDB

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