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aadrika movie mallurelease

The trailer for the Malayalam movie Aadrika will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival

Making History for Abhijit Adhya, a First-Time Bengali Director

aadrika movie mallurelease

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Aadrika is a psychopathic thriller movie written and directed by Bengali director Abhijit Adhya. Features Donovan Wodehouse, Niharica Raizada, and Ajumalna Azad in Aadrika as the lead characters. 'Aadrika' film boasts an ensemble cast and crew from all across India and abroad. The film is produced by Margaret Sengupta in association with The Garage House Production, UK. The director wrote both the screenplay and the story for this compelling psychological thriller along with the dialogues written by Vinod Narayanan.
aadrika movie mallurelease
Ajumalna Azad | Donovan Wodehouse | Niharica Raizada

The film Aadrika's director of photography is Jayakumar Thangavel, known for his Tamil films like Vasantha Mullai and Poikkal Kudhirai and Meharali Poilungal Ismail is the editor. Uniiq Films US and Raizada Entertainment are the co-producers. Ashokan PK is the executive producer and project designer of the film. The Associate Director of the film is Kapil James Singh and the Assistant Directors are Sujeesh Sridhar and Janvi Biswas. The marketing of the film Aadrika is done by BC Creatives.

aadrika movie mallurelease

The trailer for the Malayalam film 'Aadrika' directed by the well-known Bengali Abhijit Adhya is making its Cannes premiere on 18 May 2024. This is the first time that a Malayalam movie trailer is being screened at the Indian Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival. The fact that the trailer for this event has been selected to be premiered at the esteemed fair adds even more significance to it. Abhijit is all set to become the first Bengali director to helm a South Indian language film from the homeland of film legend Satyajit Ray.

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The fact that Abhijit Adhya, a Bengali filmmaker hailing from the home of the renowned Satyajit Ray, is directing a South Indian film, the trailer for which has been selected to premiere at the esteemed festival, adds even more significance to this event. His unique style and artistic ability have put him in a class by themselves and established new benchmarks for cross-cultural filmmaking.

The psychopathic thriller 'Aadrika' is based on a chain of events happening in just 'one night'. This survival psychopathic thriller promises to keep the audience engaged and enthralled even after the end credits are rolled. The shoot is being done entirely in Kottayam and surrounding areas.

director abhijit adhya mallurelease
Abhijit Adhya

The Bengali Director, Producer, and International photographer Abhijit Adhya's 'Aadrika' is the debut Malayalam film. Abhijit Adhya is known for his award-winning short films like The Rise: A Dog Story and Bruno: There's Something about Stories. He has also worked as a creative producer on the Hindi film Gurudakshina, the Bengali film Hema Malini, and the Spanish film Gvantsa.

aadrika movie mallurelease

Irish actor Donovan Wodehouse, who featured in the Hindi hit album 'Piya Basanti' sung by Ustad Sultan Khan and KS Chitra, and the OTT web series 'Operation Cobra' plays a pivotal character in the film.

Famous Bollywood and Luxembourgian actress Niharica Raizada plays the title character of Aadrika in the film. Niharica is the granddaughter of legendary Bollywood music director OP Nayyar (Omkar Prasad Nayyar). She has worked in notable films like IB71, Sooryavanshi, Waarrior Savitri, and Total Dhamaal, to name a few.

Ajumalna Azad, a prominent model and Malayalee, plays the second lead in the film.

The amazing music for the film 'Aadrika' is composed by Sarthak Kalyani and the Sound was Designed by Divakar Jojo.

In the lead-up to "Aadrika," spectators can anticipate a cinematic experience that pushes boundaries and envelops them in a universe of mystery, suspense, and outstanding storytelling.


Donovan Wodehouse
Niharica Raizada
Ajumalna Azad


The Garage House .. Banner
Abhijit Adhya .. Director, Writer
Margaret SA .. Producer
Jayakumar Thangavel .. Cinematography
Meharali Poilungal Ismail .. Editor
Venu Thoppil .. Art Director
Sudhir Kuttai .. Makeup
Shaibi Joseph .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs
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