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manass malayalam movie mallurelease

Manas attracts thousands and advances

Manass released on BTV

manass malayalam movie mallurelease

U | 16 February 2024 | 1h:37m:33s
Manas is a Malayalam movie directed by Babu Thiruvalla (Philip Joseph) who has won national and state awards with films like Thaniye, and Thanichalla Njan. The film features Sheelu Abraham and Krittika Pradeep as the lead characters with Manoj K Jayan, Ashokan, and Kaarthik Shankar. The movie is produced by Babu Thiruvalla and Lee Philip under the banner of Symphony Creations. The film also stars Puthillam Bhasi, Dr. Asif Shah, Benny Ponnaram, Sumesh, Viju, Radhika, Indu Haripad, and Sharlet Sajeev.

The chief associate director of the film is Saneesh Samuel and the associate director is Arunraj. The project designer of the movie is Harikrishnan.

The film Manas directed by Babu Thiruvalla for Symphony Creations is moving forward attracting thousands of viewers. Manas released on Babu Thiruvalla's own channel B TV has gained a place in the minds of tens of thousands of viewers in a few days. Manas will soon be released on leading OTTs as well. The film portrays a different kind of relationship between a mother and daughter.

Excellent acting by Ashokan, Manoj K Jayan, Sheelu Abraham, Karthik Shankar, and Krittika Pradeep. The music direction by actor Ashokan for the first time penned by Sreekumaran Thampi, the heartwarming song sung by P Jayachandran, with excellent background music and vocals by Ishaan Dev. Thus Manas is conquering the audience's mind with many features that attract the audience.

The trailer of Manass was released on Babu Thiruvalla's own YouTube channel BTV on 9 February 2024. The trailer has captivated the audience right from the start.

manass malayalam movie mallurelease

Manass, helmed by Babu Thiruvalla for Symphony Creations, was selected for the World Cinema Competition at the 21st Chennai International Film Festival 2023. It is a special feature that the only Malayalam film Manass was selected for the competition category. Only twelve films were selected in the competition category from the world cinema itself. Malayalam cinema is once again winning accolades with the film Manass.

manass malayalam movie mallurelease

This film presents a novel theme no one has presented in Indian cinema. The film portrays a different kind of relationship between a mother and daughter.

Director Babu Thiruvalla has produced films like Amaram and Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam and won national and state awards for films like Thanichalla Njan.

Babu Thiruvalla's Manas movie was released to the public on February 16, 2024.

Video Jukebox

Manass Song
Ashokan .. Music
Sreekumaran Thambi .. Lyricist
P Jayachandran .. Singer

Nee Paduvan
Ishaan Dev .. Music, Singer
Manesh .. Lyricist


In surrogacy, a woman consents to carry a child for another person or people who will later become the child's parents; this arrangement is frequently backed by a formal agreement. The main theme of this novel is surrogacy and the effects it has on a young mother's connection with her daughter. The daughter is twenty years old, and the mother is still in her prime. When this daughter was still in her mother's womb, the entire family was involved in an accident. A man's daughter adores him. Her mother gladly weds her to a cherished partner. The daughter doesn't become pregnant, not even after a long while. There are just two possibilities available to them, either via surrogacy or adoption. They went with surrogacy. Mom receives everything. She first refuses but eventually gives in to her urges. The daughter is irritated and suspicious of her husband's excessive concern and empathy for her mother. She starts to doubt their relationship. She listens in on her mother's and husband's chat. All she could plainly hear her mother say was one sentence. "My daughter should never know this". She erupts and queries him about his connection to her mother. Without even giving her the chance to say sorry, her mother passes away after giving birth to a daughter. She chronicles her devoted mother in a book. Five years later, that novel won an Academy Award.

manass malayalam movie mallurelease

manass malayalam movie mallurelease

manass malayalam movie mallurelease


Manojkjayanofficialpage_imageManoj K Jayan as Dr. Roy Varghese

ashokan_imageAshokan as Scaria

Sheeluabrahamofficial_imageSheelu Abraham as Sheelu Abraham

Krittika Pradeep as Hanna George
Kaarthik Shankar as Bobby
Puthillam Bhasi
Dr. Asif Shah
Benny Ponnaram
Indu Haripad
Sharlet Sajeev


Symphony Creations .. Banner
Babu Thiruvalla .. Director, Producer, Writer
Lee Philip .. Producer
Unni Madavoor .. Cinematography
Vipin Mannoor .. Editor
Pradeep Padmanabhan .. Art Director
Sujin Malayam - Meenootty .. Makeup
Suhara .. Costumes
Ishaan Dev .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Akhil J Laby, Sunny Saimon .. Stills
* .. Designs


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