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panchayth jetty malayalam movie mallurelease

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Panchayth Jetty is a Malayalam movie written and directed by Manikandan Pattambi and Salim Hassan. The film features Marimayam actors Salim Hassan, Niyas Backer, Unni Raja, Vinod Kovoor, Mani Shornur, Riaz, Manikandan Pattambi, Raghavan, Riyas, Sajin, Senthil, Arun Punalur, Adinad Sasi, Unni Nair, Rachana Narayanankutty, Sneha Sreekumar, Veena Nair, Resmi Anil, Kulappulli Leela, Sethu Lakshmi, Shiney Sarah, Pauly Valsan and more than sixty other actors are in 'Panchayat Jetty' as the lead characters. The movie Panchayat Jetty is produced under the banner of Saptha Tharang Creations Private Limited in association with Govind Films.
panchayth jetty malayalam movie mallurelease
Manikandan Pattambi | Salim Hassan

The cinematography of the film Panchayat Jetty is handled by Krish Kaimal and the editing is by Shyam Sasidharan. The executive producers of the film are Prem Pepco and Balan K Manghat. Rajesh Adoor is the associate director of the film Panchayat Jetty.

It might be claimed that no other piece of art has drawn viewers in as much as the well-liked Sweet Com series, which humorously tackles several modern social issues. The movie Panchayth Jetty is the one in which all of the Marimayam actors will appear on screen. Salim Hassan and Manikandan Pattambi are the film's directors and writers.

The first look poster of Panchayath Jetty was unveiled on 14 April 2024 by Megastar Mammootty.

In this movie, the viewpoint of a panchayat is presented. There are two prevalent issues in that nation. This movie is an effort to do that. Whether it will succeed is the question that comes to mind. The film's creators are using humor and poignant scenes to try and figure out the solution.

panchayth jetty malayalam movie mallurelease

On Monday, December 18, a magnificent celebration was organized in Ernakulam IMA Hall to launch the film Panchayth Jetty, which features the cast and crew of the well-liked Marimayam series and uses humor to present current affairs. The occasion was opened with the lighting of the first Bharadeepam by renowned director Sathyan Anthikad. This function was completed by Lal Jose, Liberty Basheer, Shafi, Salim Kumar, AK Sajan, and Manikandan Pattambi also with the Marimayam team. This ceremony was likewise finished by Sathyan Anthikad delivered the switch-on and first clap by Nadhir Shah.

panchayth jetty malayalam movie mallurelease

According to Sathyan Anthikad's welcoming address, the series' main success may be attributed to the elegant method by which its core themes have been presented to the public. According to Sathyan Anthikad, he used a few of the performers from this series in my films since they brought beauty to the characters.

Manikandan is incredibly gifted, and years ago, we were prepared to work on a movie together. Although the screenplay was written as well, the movie never got made. Lal Jose added that Manikandan is an exceptionally gifted individual. I received a summons to participate in Marimayat's 500th edition. They were never viewed in this light again after hearing about the incentive.

I would not need payment to perform. In his congratulations, Salim Kumar recalled how disappointing it was not to be able to.

panchayth jetty malayalam movie mallurelease

AK Sajan, Liberty Basheer, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Shafi, and the actors of the series Vinod Kovoor, Mani Shornur, Unniraja, Niyas Backer, Riyas Narmakala, Sneha Sreekumar, Salim Hassan, Manikandan Pattambi shared their experiences at the event.

The Malayalam movie Panchayth Jetty in which the entire cast of Marimayam, a popular sit-com series, that presents social issues of long-term relevance with humor, will appear on the silver screen. In recent times, there has not been a work of art that has captivated the audience so much. The previous film of Saptha Tharang and Govind Films are Panchavarnathatha, Aanakkallan, Aanandam Paramanandam, and Pulival Kalyanam.

The shooting of the film Panchayth Jetty will begin on 19th December 2023 and will be completed in Kochi, Nayarambalam, Cherai, and Elamkunnapuzha.

The music for the film 'Panchayat Jetty' is composed by Ranjin Raj with the lyrics penned by Santosh Varma.

The post-production work is in progress and the release of the film Panchayth Jetty will be in the second week of May 2024.

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Salim Hassan
niyas.backer.16_imageNiyas Backer
vinod_kovoor_imageVinod Kovoor
unni raja, marimayam unni raja, unni raja movies, unni raja actor, unni raja wikipedia, unni raj, actor unni raj, mallureleaseUnni Raj
mani_shornur_imageMani Shornur
manikandan.pattambi.52_imageManikandan Pattambi
Arun Punalur
Adinad Sasi
Unni Nair
ActressRachana_imageRachana Narayanankutty
SnehaSreekumarActress_imageSneha Sreekumar
Veena Nair
Resmi Anil
Kulappulli Leela
sethu_lakshmi_imageSethu Lakshmi
Shiney Sarah
pouly_valsan_imagePauly Valsan


Saptha Tharang, Govind Films .. Banner, Producer
manikandan.pattambi.52_imageManikandan Pattambi - Salim Hassan .. Director, Writer
krish_kymal_imageKrish Kymal .. Cinematography
syamsanker_imageShyam Sasidharan .. Editor
sabu.vithura_imageSabu Mohan .. Art Director
hassan.wandoor_imageHassan Wandoor .. Makeup
arun.manohar.583_imageArun Manohar .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Baburaj Manissery .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
salish.peringottukara_imageSalish Peringottukara .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs
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