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swaram malayalam movie mallurelease

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swaram malayalam movie mallurelease

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Swaram is a Malayalam movie directed by Nikhil Madhav. The film features Joy Mathew, Kozhikode Narayanan Nair, Cobra Rajesh, Dr. Sanal Krishnan, ER Unni, Kavitha Baiju, Malavika Nandan, Maya Unnithan, Ameya, Nandana and others appear in the lead roles. The movie Swaram was produced by Vinod Kumar Cherukandiyil under the banner of Rajakiyam Cinemas. The story and screenplay of the film Swaram is written by AP Nalinan.

The Dop of the film is Mohith Chembottiyil and the editing is done by Rajinas Thiruvambadi. The chief associate director of the film is Yasir Arafath and the associate directors are Obins Kutti, Sudheesh Balakrishnan, and Suhair Abdul Vahab.

The official trailer of the movie "Swaram" has been released by Good Will Entertainments. "Swaram", which will be in front of the audience within days, is very impressive for the novelty of the theme and the polish of the presentation. The film discusses the creative transformations that pure spirituality brings in individual life and the interplay between individual and society. "Swaram" testifies that the research student named Unni's delusions are dissolved in the light of the Guru's wisdom and Unni returns to a happy life after breaking the bonds of her mind. When the research student named Lekha gives courage to Unni, the playmate Lakshmi Kutty is a sweet nod to that mind. Of love, consolation, This film tells the story of caring and dedication. Along with the extraterrestrial levels of spirituality, the dreamlike interior of the mind is also unveiled here.

The film 'Swaram' is a film adaptation of the novel "Sharavanam" written by journalist AP Nalinan. "Sharavanam" was published in 2004 in Kungumam Magazine and was soon released in book form. Unni, a research student's story of introspection unfolds here. Nalinan himself has written the screenplay and dialogues of "Swaram" based on "Sharavanam". The film details the intricacies of Unni's relationships. Minds mixed with dreams and silences, souls stumbling on choices - these are what "Swaram" talks about.

Lakshmikutty in Variyam and Lekha in the university are crushing Unni's mind at the same time. As Unni falters in the face of disappointment and her thoughts run wild, she needs the help of a supermind. Unni is brought back to life by Jnan Kartanya, Lekha's spiritual master. "Swaram" conveys a unique message about love. Spiritual dimensions of impersonal love are discussed in the film. Kovilammayum, Oppolum, Valiyachan, Minikutty, Kavadikkaran, and Fakeer Baba are all love beats in the Swaram.

Country and city provide the backdrop for "Swaram". The priest, Avadhudhan, psychologist, and vicar all have creative interactions in this film. The presence of pure spirituality enriches the atmosphere. The movie "Swaram" will be a new experience for the fans, which opens the eyes of the mind and looks for a fight.

The filming of Swaram took place in and around Kozhikode and Mukkam. The location manager is Suresh Babu NIT.

The music for the film 'Swaram' is composed by L Sasikanth and Harikumar Hareram from the lyrics by AP Nalinan, T Rekha, and Pramod Vellachal. The dance choreography of the film is handled by Sumitha Nair.


Lyric Video

Harikumar Hareram .. Music, Singer
AP Nalinan .. Lyricist
Shara Gireesh .. Singer

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Harikumar Hareram .. Music
AP Nalinan .. Lyricist
MB Mohandas, Sugandhi Anuraj, Sreeyuktha Raj .. Singers

Harikumar Hareram .. Music, Singer
Pramod Vellachal .. Lyricist

Maavin Kombath
L Sasikanth .. Music
AP Nalinan .. Lyricist
Gopika Menon .. Singer


JoyMathew4u_imageJoy Mathew
Kozhikode Narayanan Nair
Cobra Rajesh
Dr. Sanal Krishnan
Kavitha Baiju
Malavika Nandan
Maya Unnithan
Valsala Nilambur
Shree Swawanika
Master Arjun Sai


Rajakiyam Cinemas .. Banner
Nikhil Madhav .. Director
Vinod Kumar Cherukandiyil .. Producer
AP Nalinan .. Writer
Mohith Chembottiyil .. Cinematography
Rajinas Thiruvambadi .. Editor
Sreedharan Elathoor .. Art Director
Mukundhan Nediyanad .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
Aravind Sangeeth .. Background Score
MR46 .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
Jidhu Chandran .. Stills
* .. Designs

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