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aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease Chembil Ashokan In Aadachayi Movie

The Best Indian Independent Film Award was given to Aadachayi

Aadachayi, an excellent environmental film presented the experience of a farmer who was farming that day

aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease

Hitting Soon
Aadachayi is a Malayalam movie written and directed by Dr. Binoy G Russel. The film features leading actor Chembil Ashokan as the title character Aadachayi. Along with Chembil Ashokan, Pramod Veliyanad, Jordi Poonjar, Jolly Easo, Marykutty, Dr. Joji Joshua Philipose, Diana Binson, Anthrayos, Vinod Veliyanad, Lonappan Kuttanad, Max Millan, Fr. Dr. Kurian Chalangady, Anil Attingal, Surabhi Subhash, Sajo Joseph Sibi Ramdass, Ruma Jishnu, Jayan Chandrakantham, Shalin James Anto, Sujith, Deepu Kalavoor, Seshika Madhav, Praveen Neelambaran, Gincy Chinnappan, Sughosh Venugopal, Kalanilayam Sanal Kumar and Kerala's Tree Doctor Binu Kottayam. The movie Aadachayi is produced by Siji Joseph under the banner of JJ Productions. The screenplay for the film is written by Sunil K Anand from the story of the director.
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The narrative of Aadachayi, a Kuttanad-based paddy farmer's representative, was presented in the film Aadachayi. At the Indian Independent Film Festival, it took home the Honorable Mention Award for Best Indian Film. The film Aadachayi was chosen for the Satyajit Ray Award 'Best Environmental Film'. Aadachayi was also chosen as the official submission for the 2024 Green Panorama Environment Film Festival in Thekkady. The film Aadachayi comes with a strong message "Earth that is not yet dead! May you rest in peace!"

aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease

Aadachayi is a film set against the backdrop of Kuttanad and the Western Ghats, with a focus on environmental protection and the difficulties faced by farmers. In addition to highlighting the significance of agricultural conservation, the movie emphasizes how political quarry mafia ties lead to environmental abuse. The video depicts the soil, the violin, the mind, and the heart as it follows the lives of Adachai, a Kuttanad farmer, and his son Akhil, an agricultural officer.

aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease

Famous film director Adoor Gopalakrishnan released the poster of the film 'Aadachayi' which is themed on the life of farmers in Kuttanad and conservation of the Western Ghats at a function held at Kottayam Public Library Hall. The poster of the Aadachayi movie was held at Kottayam Public Library's Chitrathara Mini Theater inauguration along with the Keraleeyam Film Festival.

aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease

Earth that is not yet dead! May you rest in peace! The film 'Aadachayi' comes with a strong message. The shooting of the film Aadachayi has been completed.

aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease

The music of the film 'Aadachayi' is composed by Dr. Joji Joshua Philipose and Varkala GR Edwin. The lyrics are penned by Mankombu Gopalakrishnan, Sunil K Anand, Varkala GR Edwin, and Dr. Philipose Joshua. The songs are sung by Dr. Joji Joshua Philipose, Varkala GR Edwin, Sunny, and Ancy Issac Babu.

aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease

The shooting of the film Aadachayi movie has been completed and will soon hit the theaters.

aadachayi malayalam movie mallurelease


chembil.ashokan_imageChembil Ashokan
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Jordi Poonjar
Jolly Easo
Dr. Joji Joshua Philipose
Diana Binson
Vinod Veliyanad
Lonappan Kuttanad
Max Millan
Fr. Dr. Kurian Chalangady
Anil Attingal
Surabhi Subhash
Sajo Joseph
Sibi Ramdass
Ruma Jishnu
Jayan Chandrakantham
Shalin James Anto
Deepu Kalavoor
Seshika Madhav
Praveen Neelambaran
Gincy Chinnappan
Sughosh Venugopal
Kalanilayam Sanal Kumar
Dr. Binu


JJ Productions .. Banner
Binoy G Russel .. Director
Siji Joseph .. Producer
Sunil K Anand .. Writer
Sunil KS .. Cinematography
Subin Krishna .. Editor
G Lakshmanan Malam .. Art Director, Production Controller
Madhu Paravur .. Makeup
Binu Puliyarakonam .. Costumes
Saju Ramanchira .. Background Score
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
* .. Stills
Boaz Malam .. Designs

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