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big ben malayalam movie, big ben movie, mallurelease

In the charm of the UK Anu Mohan and Aditi Ravi with a family thriller

Bino Augustine's Big Ben teaser released

big ben malayalam movie, big ben movie, mallurelease

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Big Ben is a Malayalam family thriller movie based on a true story written and directed by Bino Augustine. Big Ben's film features Anu Mohan and Aditi Ravi as the lead characters. Stars like Vinay Forrt, Vijay Babu, Miya George, Jaffer Idukki, Chandhunadh G, Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarangh, Shebin Benson, Baby Hanna Mustaf, and Bitu Thomas are along with them. The movie Big Ben is produced by Prajay Kamat, Eldo Thomas, and Siby Aranjany under the banner of Braintree Productions.

The cinematography of the film Big Ben is handled by Sajad Kakku and Rino Jacob is the editor. The associate producer is Kochurani Bino and the executive producers are Vaishali Tuthika and Uday Rajan Prabhu. The chief associate director of the movie Big Ben is Vinayan KJ.

The family thriller Big Ben has released its teaser on 31 May 2024, detailing the lives of Jean Anthony and his wife Lovely in the UK and the events leading up to them. Jean Antony, portrayed by Anu Mohan, is captured with an 85% charm from the United Kingdom. Lovely, the wife of Jean, is portrayed by Aditi Ravi.

The movie opens with Lovely, a nurse in the UK, returning home with her husband Jean Anthony and their infant in tow. Jean Anthony was seeking employment as a police officer. Later, unexpected occurrences in their life have an impact on both of them's ability to survive. After then, the movie takes a turn that makes the audience nervous.

The film by Bino Augustine is titled Big Ben of Braintree Productions on 13 January 2024. Movie stars Prithviraj Sukumaran, Tovino Thomas, Unni Mukundan, and Antony Varghese (Pepe) performed the title launch of the film Big Ben through social media pages.

Jean Antony, portrayed by Anu Mohan, was captured with an 85% charm from the United Kingdom. Aditi Ravi portrays Lovely, Anu's spouse. Other notable actors in the movie include Shebin Benson, Vijay Babu, Jafar Idukki, Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarangh, Baby Hanna Mustafa, and numerous other Hollywood celebrities.

The film 'Big Ben' music is composed by Kailash Menon with the lyrics of BK Harinarayanan. The dance choreographer of the movie Big Ben is Pranav Sasidharan.

Big Ben movie will hit the theaters on June 28, 2024 with Friday Ticket's distribution.


big ben malayalam movie, big ben movie, mallurelease



Braintree Productions .. Banner
Bino Augustine .. Director, Writer
Prajay Kamat, Eldo Thomas, Siby Aranjany .. Producers
Sajad Kakku .. Cinematography
Rino Jacob .. Editor
arunkumarpkb_imageArun Venjaramoodu .. Art Director
swamisInternational_imageNarasimha Swamy .. Makeup
Adithya Nanu, Jomon Johnson (UK), Nadzeya Lebedzeva .. Costumes
aniljohnson_imageAnil Johnson .. Background Score
Sanjay Pal, girishkodungallur_imageGirish Kodungallur .. Production Controller
run.ravi.1_imageRun Ravi .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
Albert Willam (UK), nidad.kn_imageNidad KN .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs
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