Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu | ഗ്യാങ്സ് ഓഫ് സുകുമാരക്കുറുപ്പ്

rushin shaji kailas malayalam movie mallurelease

Post-production work of Shebi Chowghat's Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu is in progress

Introducing Rushin S Kailas as the Hero

gangs of sukumarakkuruppu malayalam movie mallurelease

Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu is a Malayalam thriller movie directed by Shebi Chowghat. The film features Rushin S Kailas, introduced as the Hero along with Abu Salim, and Surya Krish who is very popular with Kakkipada, Vaishnav Baiju, and Sinoj Varghese. The key characters portrayed by Johnny Antony, Tini Tom, Sreejith Ravi, Ineya, Sujith Shankar, Abin Bino, Dinesh Panicker, Ajay Natraj, Parvathy Rajan Sankaradi, Asharaf Pilakkal and many other stars are also acting in the film. The movie Gangs of Sukumarakurup is produced by Prajeev Sathyavarthan under the banner of Prajeevam Movies. The screenplay and dialogues for the movie have been penned by VR Balagopal from the story of the director Shebi.
gangs of sukumarakkuruppu malayalam movie mallurelease

The DOP of the film Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu is Rajeesh Raman and editing is done by Sujith Sahadevan. The Associate Director of the film Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu is Krishnakumar and the creative contributors are Hareesh VS and Mehrin Shebeer. The project designer is Murugan S and Kurian Joseph is the production executive.

This film is presented in a lighthearted thriller genre that will thrill and pique the interest of a wide range of viewers. This film will shortly be released; the production is finished. Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu wrapped up their shoot on 3rd March 2024 in Thiruvananthapuram and nearby areas. The shooting of this film started on 31st January 2024. Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu is the first film where Prajeev Sathyavarthan, the producer of Finals and Randu, and Shebi Chowghat, who directed Plus Two, Bobby and Kakkipada, are teaming up. This is the first film in which Rushin Shaji Kailas, the younger son of famous director Shaji Kailas, will star.

The first-look poster of Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu has been released and the poster is very interesting. This curiosity can only be understood if you look closely. Dulquer Salmaan's image is seen in the poster. Usually, the posters include the actors from the respective films but here Dulquer Salmaan is featured because Dulquer Salmaan won acclaim for his portrayal of Sukumarakurup in the film Kurup. The poster of the movie Kurup is pasted on the wall. That too can only be understood if you pay close attention. At the top of it, you can see the poster of another film, Ajagajantharam. These are the pictures on the wall. Gangs of Sukumarakurup has a very fitting first look. The story of this film has a lot to do with parts of the film Kurup. That is the reason why the workers of the team are forced to release such a poster. Abu Salim steps into the forefront playing the titular character of Sukumarakurup.

With three distinct topics, director Shebi's (Shebi Chavakkad) films, Plus Two, Bobby, and Kakkipada, garnered recognition. Bobby was the epitome of a beautiful love tale, if Plus Two was the chronicle of college life. The narrative of a few young police officers who have to defend a criminal is told in Kakkipada.

gangs of sukumarakkuruppu malayalam movie mallurelease

On Wednesday 31 January 2024 Shebi's fourth movie Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu, started filming in Thiruvananthapuram. The filming took place at the Akkulam Tourist Village. The renowned filmmaker Shaji Kailas lightened Bhadradeepam to kick things off. Smt. Prakashini, Prajeev Sathyavarthan, Director Shebi Chowghat, Producer Santhosh Damodharan, and Bigg Boss Star Rajith Kumar graced the occasion. The first scene of filming featured Rushin Shaji Kailas, Surya Krish, Sinoj Varghese, and Vaishnav.

gangs of sukumarakkuruppu malayalam movie mallurelease

This movie strictly belongs to the thriller subgenre. After quitting mafia life, Sukumarakurup opened a tea shop with young Mujeeb, Preman, Hari, and Potter. The Sukumarakurup Gangs are the name given to them. Sukumara Kurup experiences some of the same issues as the character in the Dulquer Salmaan film Kurup. Following that, Kurup and Gang's lives encounter several issues and catastrophes. There is a lot of enthusiasm while discussing how to address these problems.

gangs of sukumarakkuruppu malayalam movie mallurelease

The title role of Sukumara Kurup is portrayed by Abu Salim. Vaishnav as Potter, Surya Krish as Hari, Rushin S Kailas as Mujeeb, and Preman is portrayed by Sinoj Varghese. The movie was fully shot in and around Thiruvananthapuram.

The hero Rushin Shaji Kailas is the son of famous director Shaji Kailas and actress Annie. The couple's elder son Jagan Shaji Kailas has made his directorial debut with Siju Wilson's movie has completed filming and is preparing for release. Along with that, the younger brother Sharon Shaji Kailas also enters the film industry. After the film Finals, Prajeevam Movies produced three big-budget films.

gangs of sukumarakkuruppu malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film is composed by Mejjo Josseph from the lyrics of Hari Narayanan BK. The songs for the film are sung by singers Vineeth Sreenivasan, Afsal,and Muralikrishna.

The post-production of Gangs of Sukumarakkuruppu produced by Prajeev Sathyavarthan of Prajeevam Movies after the film Finals is in progress.



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prajeev_sathyavarthan_imagePrajeev Sathyavarthan .. Producer
VR Balagopal .. Writer
Rajeesh Raman .. Cinematography
Sujith Sahadevan .. Editor
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Santhosh Venpakal .. Makeup Baby John .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Hari Kattakkada .. Production Controller
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Ajeesh S .. Stills
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