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Rashid Parakal's Kuttante Shinigami

Kuttante Shinigami is a Malayalam movie directed by Rasheed Parakkal. The film features Indrans and Jaffer Idukki as the titular characters. The film also stas Aneesh G Menon, Sreejith Ravi, Sunil Sukhada, Ashraf Pilakkal, Unni Raja, Ranjith Munshi, Priyanka, and Akhila Sana. The movie Kuttante Shinigami is produced by Ashraf Pilakkal under the banner of Manjadi Creations.
kuttante shinigami movie, kuttante shinigami malayalam movie, mallurelease

The chief associate director of the film is Jayendra Sharma and the associate directors are Ranjith Ramanattukara and Sreejith Balan. The project designer is Rajeesh Pathamkulam and the creative head is Siraj Moonbeam.

Kuttante Shinigami is a film by Rasheed Parakkal arranged in the humor, fantasy, and investigation genre. With this film, Rasheed who has adapted several ideas into motion pictures is tackling a whole new theme. The movie explores the relationship between a soul and a kaalan.

The word "shinigami" in Japanese means "Kalan." The Shinigami in this movie is a doctorate-holding individual who has finished the Shinigami program in Japan. You may also say Dr. Shinigami if you'd like. Now this shingami has encountered a soul. Shinigami carries a pair of sandals while he moves. They think that if they wear these sandals, the soul will come with them. Shinigami's descent into the boy's soul. Shinigami doesn't try to force the boy's spirit into this. Without understanding why he was not wearing shoes, Shinigami gave in to the soul's plea. Afterward, they both look into what caused the boy to pass away. These incidents are depicted with comedy and fantasy in the ideal tone of a thriller.

kuttante shinigami movie, kuttante shinigami malayalam movie, mallurelease

Indrans plays Shinigami, and Jafar Idukki portrays the soul of Kuttan. In their acting careers, Shinigami and Kuttan will both leave behind distinctive personas. In this, Kaalan and Soul are just regular individuals. These characters don't have any gimmicks, according to director Rasheed Parakkal, unlike what we've heard and seen.

The music for the film 'Kuttante Shinigami' was composed by Arjun V Akshaya with the lyrics penned by the director himself. The singers of the film Kuttante Shinigami are Jafar Idukki and Abhijith.

The shooting of the film by Ashraf Pilakkal for Manjadi Creations is progressing at Ottapalam.

kuttante shinigami movie, kuttante shinigami malayalam movie, mallurelease



Manjadi Creations .. Banner
Rasheed Parakkal .. Director, Writer
Ashraf Pilakkal .. Producer
Shihab Ongallur .. Cinematography
ziansreekanth_imageZian Sreekanth .. Editor
koyaz_imageKoyaz .. Art Director
Shiji Thanur .. Makeup
Femina Jabbar .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
PC Muhammed .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
Shamnad Mattaya .. Stills
Kishore Babu PS .. Designs

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