Dr. Pramod Payyannur

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Pramod Payyannur received his doctorate from Kolkata Visva-Bharati University

Rahim Panavoor - PRO
Kolkata: The UNESCO World Heritage University Visva Bharati University in Calcutta has granted Pramod Payyannur a doctorate on "Tagore in Global Theatre". Prominent screenwriter, director of theater and film, and member secretary of Bharat Bhavan, the Kerala government's center for cultural exchange, Pramod Payyannur obtained his doctorate in the study of the visual elements of Tagore's plays that are produced in other nations. Avanthika and Aagney are his children, and his spouse is Dr. Malu G.
dr pramod payyannur news mallurelease

The thesis combines the artistic and theoretical potential of modernizing Tagore's well-known plays Raktakarabi, Muktadhara, and Dak Ghar. This thesis holds the unique distinction of being the first research work on Tagore's Visva Bharati to be presented with a QR code. Under the guidance of Professors Tarak Sengupta and Madhabi Ruj, the department heads of Santiniketan's theater department, the research was completed.

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