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Kokila Fashions and Feel Flying Entertainments' "The Last Edition" Fashion Show in Kochi

P Sivaprasad - PRO
Kochi: Kerala's largest fashion event is coming to Kochi soon. Kokila Fashions, a fashion venture of leading advertising firm Kokila Films, and 'The Last Edition', which is being led by film production house Feel Flying Entertainments, will be held on April 6 at Rajendra Maidan, Kochi.

Aside from being different from traditional fashion shows, this one allows participants to be from all backgrounds. Fashion ramps shouldn't be used as a means of isolating individuals with autism or disabilities. 'The Last Edition' is therefore a major endeavor to develop a new fashion concept without abandoning anyone. Anybody is welcome to take part in this fashion exhibition, regardless of age. Models from both overseas and India adorn the ramp. Leading fashion choreographer Amru is in charge of the event's choreography, while show director Anil K Anil is in charge of the show. Hyzin Global Ventures is the marketing partner.

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