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ghost paradise malayalam series mallurelease

The first Malayalam web series by Malayalee Joy K Mathew started in Australia

"Ghost Paradise"

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Ghost Paradise is a Malayalam web series written, produced, and directed by Joy K Mathew. The series Ghost Paradise is produced under the banner of Kangaroo Vision and World Mother Vision.
ghost paradise malayalam series mallurelease

Filming for Australia's first Malayalam web series Ghost Paradise has begun. Dancer and Tanya Skincare MD, Dr. Chaitanya inaugurated the shooting of the web series at Nerang River Springs, Gold Coast. Ghost Paradise's first look poster was released by Australian film actresses Alana and Helen also the switch-on was performed by Sheena Abdulkhader the MD of Mass Financial Consultancy. Joy K Mathew, world national singing sisters Agnes Joy and Teresa Joy, cinematographer Adam K Anthony, Gold Coast Film Workshop Coordinator CP Saju, production coordinator Marshall Joseph, and actor Jobish spoke on the occasion. Asha, Riju, Ramya, Mary, Shamon, Sharan, Indu, Jayalakshmi, Nisha, Tessa and Alvin led the function.

ghost paradise malayalam series mallurelease

Australian Malayalam Film Industry is a film production and distribution company started by actor, writer, director, and producer Joy K. Mathew intending to produce and exhibit films and television programs, organizing film festivals and film arts training, and broadcasting visual programs in Australia.

The web series 'Ghost Paradise' is being produced by including those who have successfully completed training in film and art training conducted at various places in Queensland under the leadership of Joy K Mathew, those working in the Australian film and television sector, and actors in the Malayalam film industry. Filming in Australia and Kerala.

ghost paradise malayalam series mallurelease

Ghost Paradise series is released by the Australian Malayalam Film Industry in collaboration with Kangaroo Vision and World Mother Vision. The web series Ghost Paradise, which will be released in early November, presents interesting and different life experiences and views to the audience.

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* .. Music
* .. Lyricist
* .. Singer






* .. Banner
Joy K Mathew .. Director, Producer, Writer
Adam K Anthony, Siddharthan .. Cinematography
Linson Raphael .. Editor
Geet Karthik, Jiji Jayan, Paulus Punnorpilill .. Art Director
Elizabeth, Jennifer, Pauline .. Makeup
Michael Matheson .. Costumes
Dr. Rekha Rani, Sanju Sukumaran .. Background Score
Claire, Jose Varapuzha .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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