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paranu paranu paranu chellan malayalam movie mallurelease

The "Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan" first-look poster has been released

Sidharth Bharathan and Unni Lalu of Rekha fame are teaming

First Look
Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan Malayalam romantic drama movie directed by Jishnu Harindra Varma. The film features Unni Lalu and Sidharth Bharathan as the central characters. Anju Krishna Ashok, who is famous for the film Kaipola, is the heroine. The movie Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan is produced under the banner of JM Infotainment. Vijayaraghavan, Sajin Cherukayil, Samriddhi Tara, Sreeja Das, Sreenath Babu, Dasan Kongad, Ratheesh Kumar Rajan, Kalabhavan Joshi, Nandini Gopalakrishnan, Radha Gomaty, Arjun Rajlakshmi Unnikrishnan, Abhilash Krishnan Kutty and others are also playing the lead roles in the film. The screenplay of the movie which is being prepared as a romantic drama is written by Vishnu Raj.

The cinematographer of the film is Madhu Ambat and CR Sreejith is the editor. The executive producer of Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan is Prakash T Balakrishnan. Additional cinematography is handled by Darshan M Ambat and the co-editor is Sreenath S. The chief associate director is Vishnu Chandran.

The film Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan's story is set in a village in Palakkad. Every member of the family gets together on the day of puja at home. The events that took place in the residence on the same day are the basis for the movie. It is a comedy-drama about a family.

The makers have released the title poster of the film Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan on 19 April 2024.

Jishnu Harindra is the director of the film 'No Man's Land' released in 2021 with Lukman Avaran in the lead role and several commercial films. Writer Vishnu Raj is known for 2019 'Ormayil Oru Shishiram'. After a long gap, Madhu Ambat is doing the cinematography for this film.

The music for the film 'Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan' is composed by Joy Jinith and Raamnath with the lyrics by Din Nath Puthenchery, Deepak Ram, and Arun Prathap.

Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan movie will hit the theaters soon. The film Paranu Paranu Paranu Chellan has completed shooting in Palakkad and Kunnamkulam as major locations.

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paranu paranu paranu chellan malayalam movie mallurelease


Unni Lalu
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Samriddhi Tara
Sreejakdasan_imageSreeja Das
Sreenath Babu
Dasan Kongad
Ratheesh Kumar Rajan
Kalabhavan Joshi
Nandini Gopalakrishnan
Radha Gomaty
Arjun Rajlakshmi Unnikrishnan
Abhilash Krishnan Kutty
Thankam Mohan
Neeraj Mallika Sukumaran


JM Infotainment .. Banner, Producer
Jishnu Harindra .. Director
Vishnu Raj .. Writer
Madhu Ambat .. Cinematography
CR Sreejith .. Editor
dundhu renjeev, dundhu ranjeev radha, mallureleaseDundhu Renjeev .. Art Director
sajikattakada.saji_imageSaji Kattakkada .. Makeup
Gayathri Kishore .. Costumes
Joy Jinith .. Background Score
Manoj Poonkunnam .. Production Controller
Kalai Kingson, Vinod Prabhakar .. Action
manjugopinath77_imageManju Gopinath .. Pro
Ameer Mango .. Stills
Katha .. Designs

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