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unbreakable movie mallurelease

'Unbreakable' directed by Joy K Mathew is finished filming

unbreakable movie mallurelease

The Unbreakable movie is directed by Joy K Mathew.
unbreakable movie mallurelease

The film 'Unbreakable' by actor, writer, producer, and director Joy K Mathew, has concluded its production in Queensland. 'Tomorrow' is a multilingual anthology film that features six stories, including Unbreakable, that depict inspiring moments of humanity, love, cooperation, and assistance. The film was made by a cast from around the world. Alappuzha Cherthala native and world record holder Joy K Mathew combines actors from every continent to create a single film that tells the narrative of six distinct topics.

unbreakable movie mallurelease

In the precincts of Brisbane South-North, filming was finished. World-renowned singers Agnes Joy and Teresa, as well as Malayalam actors Jobish, Peter, Solomon, Surya, Thangam, Paulus, Tessa, Sreelakshmi, Jinsi, Aloshi, Sheeja, Jake, Jayan, and Thomas, have all trained for movies with Joy K. Mathew and Tasso. Additionally performing are Joy, Jose, Shibu, Deepak, GB, Sajini, Reji, Jyoti, Geeta, Anil, Agisha, and Lakshmi.

The film "Tomorrow" offers the audience a range of perspectives, ideas, and life experiences. Joy K Mathew did the writing, production, and directing himself. Joy K crafts moving, thought-provoking imagery that transcends the boundaries of commercial movies. Joy K in Matthew's Tomorrow movie's six storylines. Molly Kannamali, a Malayalam comedian, plays a lead role alongside Matthew, Helen, Tisty, Saskia, Peter, Jennifer, David, Alana, Julie, Clem, Rod, Carey, Hannah, Tasso, LD, and Jade. November 2025 is when Tomorrow is scheduled to be released, following the filming of the final two storylines in various locales.

unbreakable movie mallurelease

The music for the film was composed by Michael Matheson, Peter, Sanju, and Dr. Rekha with the vocals of Leela Joseph, Surya Ronvi, and Sanju. The dance directors of the film are Lakshmi Jayan and Jake Solomon.

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* .. Music
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World Mother Vision, Kangaroo Vision .. Banner
Joy K Mathew .. Director, Producer, Writer
Adam K Anthony, Siddharthan, Catherine, Saroj, James .. Cinematography
Linson Raphael .. Editor
Philip, Geet Karthik, GG Jayan, Paulus Punnorpilill .. Art Director
Elizabeth, Mary Balolong, Jennifer, Pauline, Jewel Jose .. Makeup
Elizabeth, Mary Balolong, Jennifer, Pauline, Catherine, Claire, Anita, Donna and Helena .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Claire, Jeff, Jose Varapuzha .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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