Theatre | തിയറ്റർ: The Myth of Reality

theatre the myth of reality malayalam movie, mallurelease

The first look poster of 'Theatre' starring Rima Kallingal

theatre the myth of reality malayalam movie, mallurelease

First Look
The Malayalam movie Theatre: The Myth of Reality is directed by Sajin Baabu. The film Theatre features Rima Kallingal as the lead character along with Sarasa Balussery, Dain Davis, Pramod Veliyanad, Krishnan Balakrishnan, Megha Rajan, Ann Saleem, Balaji Sharma, D Raghuthaman, Akhil Kavalayoor, Aparna Sen, Lakshmi Padma, Meena Rajan, RJ Anjali, Meenakshi Raveendran, Ashwathy, Arun Sol, Ratheesh Rohini. The movie Theatre is produced by Anjana Philip under the banner of Anjana Talkies and Vars Studios of VA Sreekumar.

Subhash Unni is the line producer and the executive producer is Ajith Sagar. Director Sajin Baabu also wrote and directed the films 'Asthamayam Vare | Unto the Dusk' and 'Ayal Sassi' which won several international and national awards.

Following the success of the film Biryani which took home both national and international accolades the first look poster for Sajin Baabu's upcoming film "Theatre: The Myth of Reality" which stars Rima Kallingal, was made public on 27 May 2024. Rima's first-look poster featuring her scaling a coconut has been released. Following the success of Anjana Talkies and Vars Studios's "Thekku Vadakku" with Vinayakan and Suraj Venjarammood, this film's shooting was wrapped up in and around Varkala.

'Biryani' by Sajin Baabu garnered Kani Kusruti various awards, including the State Award, Filmfare Award, and Moscow Film Festival Award for Best Actress. The movie received over 45 accolades, including the National Award for Direction, and it was screened at over 150 film festivals worldwide. Following Biryani, Sajin Baabu's "Theatre," which is written and directed, will be presented in theaters.

The story's major premise is that, in today's world, people interpret reality following their own desires and views, according to director Sajin Baabu. This is the viral age's tale. The goal is for "theatre" cinema to be seen by as many people as possible in theaters. Producer Anjana Philip stated that it's time for the perception that excellent Malayalam movies are limited to showings at prestigious festivals to shift. In the movie, "theatre" is exhibited by finding a lot of occurrences happening right next to one another. According to producer VA Sreekumar, the premise and the actual events are remarkably similar.

The music for the film 'Theatre' is composed by Saeed Abbas.

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Rima Kallingal
sarasa_balussery_imageSarasa Balussery
dain.david.7_imageDain Davis
pramod veliyanad, pramod veliyanad movies, pramod veliyanad films, actor pramod veliyanad, mallureleasePramod Veliyanad
Krishnan Balakrishnan
Megha Rajan
Ann Saleem
balajiHsarma_imageBalaji Sarma
D Raghuthaman
Akhil Kavalayoor
Aparna Sen
Lakshmi Padma
Meena Rajan
RJ Anjali
Meenakshi Raveendran
Arun Sol
Ratheesh Rohini


Anjana Talkies, Vars Studios .. Banner
Sajin Baabu .. Director, Writer
Anjana Philip, VA Sreekumar .. Producers
Syamaprakash MS .. Cinematography
appu_n_bhattathiri_imageAppu N Bhattathiri .. Editor
Saji Joseph .. Art Director
Sethu Sivanandan, Ash Ashraf .. Makeup
gayathri Kishore, gayathri kishore costume designer, mallureleaseGayathri Kishore .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Sangeeth Raj .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Jitheesh Kadakkal .. Stills
Push 360 .. Designs

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