Vellaripravinte Changathi | വെള്ളരിപ്രാവിന്‍റെ ചങ്ങാതി (2011)

U | Romance | 25 December 2011 (India)


Mohan Sithara .. Music
Sarathchandra Varma Vayalar .. Lyricist

Shreya Ghoshal .. Singer
Naanam Chalicha
Manjari, Priya Aji .. Singers
Thekko Thekkorikkal
Poornasree .. Singer
Pathinezhinte Poonkaralil
Shreya Ghoshal, Kabeer .. Singer

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Vellaripravinte Changathi has two stories running parallel to each other, at the same time. One is real and the other ‘reel’. As the real story begins, a young man named Manikunju arrives in Chennai, seeking a job in Gemini Film lab. With his encyclopedic knowledge about Malayalam film history and a letter of introduction by his mentor Varikkoli master, he succeeds in impressing Sankunni the chief of the lab.
Manikunju gets a job in ‘Ghost house’, a room where the prints of all unreleased films are kept. Inside the ghost house, while cleaning the prints, he chances upon a 35-year-old film which failed to get released. He realizes it is the same film which his father had directed, putting him into debt and eventually forcing him to commit suicide. He gets permission to watch the film with the help of sweeper Preman. The film begins and as he finishes watching, he realizes how talented his father was. All the employees of the lab watch the movie along with him and tell that if it was released the film would have been a masterpiece.
The movie, shot in black and white with unknown actors, was a love story. Shahjahan played the hero Ravi with Mary Varghese enacting the role of Sulekha, a Muslim girl who falls in love with Ravi. Krishnan Perambra is Basheer, the brother of Sulekha. Manikunju decides to release the movie and the producer-director Lal, overwhelmed by Manikunju’s love for his father, agrees to shoulder the responsibility of exhibiting the film. Manikunju later understands that Shah Jahan and mary Varghese, like the characters they played, were really in love and his father helped them to elope from her cruel father.

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IndrajithSukumaran_imageIndrajith Sukumaran
KavyaMadhavan_imageKavya Madhavan
maniyanpilla_raju_imageManiyanpilla Raju
mammukoya_imageMamu Koya
Anil Murali
Geetha Salam
Kollam Thulasi
Venu Machad


chand_v_creations_imageChand V Creations .. Banner
Akku Akbar .. Director
arun.gosh.9_imageArun Ghoshbijoy.chandran.7_imageBijoy Chandran .. Producers
GS Anil .. Writer
vipin_mohan_imageVipin Mohan, Sameer Haq .. Cinematography
lijopaul.lee_imageLijo Paul .. Editor
girish_menon_imageGirish Menon .. Art Director
Sudevan .. Makeup
kumar.edapal.7_imageKumar Edappal .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
deepu_s_kumar_imageDeepu S Kumar .. Production Controller
thyagarajan_imageThyagarajan .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
zashamza_imageZas Hamza .. Stills
Gabriel George .. Designs
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Verdict : AVERAGE

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