Achante Aanmakkal | അച്ഛന്റെ ആണ്‍‌മക്കള്‍ (2012)

U | Family | 2 March 2012 (India) | 2h:01m:55s


Meera and Meena are sisters and their father Madhavamenon, played by (Nedumudi Venu) is a retired DGP. True to the status of a DGP, the daughters were fashionable in dressing and behavior but their father was confident that they would not go astray. After their mother’s death, he had brought them up with all care and affection.

Meera, the elder, fell in love with a police man (Sarathkumar). His name was Narasimhan and he did justice to his name in looks and deeds. Madhavamenon, on learning about the romance made discreet enquiries about the boy and was happy to know that he was a strict and honest officer like himself. However, his priorities were different and his official duties always got precedence over domestic matters. Meera’s wedding was conducted without delay and at the time of marriage, Narasimhan was working as police commissioner in Coimbatore.

Meena, meanwhile, was concerned about her father’s reputation and grew up in a conventional way, not getting involved in any romance, afraid that her father’s good name might be spoilt. Madhavamenon found a suitable boy for her and after graduation, she got married to Nandagopan (Jagadish), who was working as sub-inspector in Palakkad police station.

The two police officers were totally different in their attitudes. Narasimhan had no time for his children and home as he reached home only after completing his duties. Meera is unable to accept his obsession with duty and was unhappy. On the other hand, Nandagopan, very diplomatic, was able to mix the two phases and Meena was happy that her husband gave plenty of love and care to her.

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Sarath Kumar
Meghna Raj
surajofficialpage_imageSuraj Venjaramoodu
Anil Murali
Baiju Ezhupunna
Lakshmi Sharma


Rajaprabha Creations .. Banner
Chandrasekharan .. Director
Prabhakaran .. Producer
NM Nawaz .. Writer
Dileep Raman .. Cinematography
rajagopal.krishnankutty_imageK Rajagopal .. Editor
Balu Alapuzha .. Art Director
sreejith.guruvayur.5_imageSreejith Guruvayur .. Makeup
kumar.edapal_imageKumar Edappal .. Costumes
sp_venkatesh_imageSP Venkatesh .. Background Score
Pammal Ravi .. Action
Manju Adithya .. Stills
Sathyans .. Designs

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